AUT Skin Tier List 3.4 (June 2024) – AUT Trading Tier List

Do you want to know the Best Values of Skins in A Universal Time v3.4? If yes, then in this guide we will show you the Aut Skin Tier List v3.4. On June 7th, 2024 developer of A Universal Time game released version 3.4 of the game, and after each update community searched for updated skin values.

This is the reason we have created this Aut Skin Tier List 3.4 (June 2024) – Aut Trading Tier List. Below you will find the AUT Limiteds Tier List, AUT Skins Tier List, and AUT Unobtainable Tier List. All of these tier lists you can find it on the thefriendlypkers ( Discord group.

AUT Skin Tier List 3.4 (June 2024) – AUT Trading Tier List

AUT Skin Tier List

AUT Unobtainable Skin Tier List 2024

AUT Unobtainables Tier List

AUT Limiteds Skin Tier List 2024

AUT Limiteds Tier list (hotfix) 2

AUT Skin Tier List Value Explainations


lately hasn’t been doing the best with it slowly losing demand over these past few weeks. This was due to natural loss of demand combined with constant deflation of dtwhv. Currently, dtwhv can’t get ta + hstwr however is able to get ta + somewhat decent adds.

Party Starter and Cypher

Currently, these two unobs are extremely unstable and we cannot predict if they will rise or drop in the future. Cypher and Party Starter owners tend to decline what they can’t get and don’t really have the best demand however occasionally they can pull decent overpays leading to them being what they are on the current tierlist with cypher being able to pull cq + adds and party starter being able to pull gali+ urzan

What’s up with the limited changes?

We have decided to rework the tier list once again. Why you ask? Simply because we did not want perfect demand to be the only explanation for why the tier list is inaccurate.

The biggest changes (Pirate, end, and twwl) are due to the constant overpays they have pulled over the past week, with twwl being able to pull things such as 2 rtwoh + adds or scent/rspoh + good unob adds, and End being able to pull things such as twwl + scent + good unob adds.

Pirate however was more of an adjustment due to everything under it rising while the other ones are a combination of rising and adjustments.

The limited on the lower half of the tier list have been adjusted due to the constant unob offers with decent/good demand that are above their set value last tier list.

Scentless and Rspoh situation

Scentless and Rspoh have been competing for the 5th place spot on the limited tier list. While scentless has better demand Rspoh still can pull a little more than scentless and in a few cases can pull scentless + minimal adds

That’s it for this AUT Skin Tier List 3.4 (June 2024) – AUT Trading Tier List

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