Legacy Piece Weapon Tier List – Moves & Drop Guide

We all know that all Roblox games have some fruits that aren’t the only thing affecting how powerful your character is but the Race and Weapons that you choose also greatly impact how strong you are in the game.

There are so many weapons in-game including Ranged Weapons, and Melee Weapons We’ve created this Legacy Piece Weapon Tier List which will help you find the best weapon in the game also we will tell the moves and drop locations of each weapon.

Legacy Piece Weapon Tier List

Legacy Piece Weapon Tier List – Moves & Drop Guide

Crude Cutlass – Tier C

It can be purchased Crude Cutlass

Auto Attacks: It Has no special moves but can be used for 1ss FIGHTING STYLES

Higuma Katana – Tier B

Higuma Katana is a drop from Higuma The Bandit Boss

‌Auto Attacks: First Move – Shinobi Mist

Axe Hand – Tier B

Axe Hand is a drop from Axe-Hand Morgan Boss

Auto Attacks:

  • First Skill – Axe Slice
  • Second Skill – Double Slash

Iron Mace – Tier B

Iron Mace is a drop from Alvida The Iron Mace Boss

Auto Attacks:

  • First Move – Mace Smash
  • Second move – Mace Whirl

Frost Blade – Tier B

Frost Blade is a drop from Yeti Boss

Auto Attacks:

  • First Move – Frost Lunge
  • Second Move – Frost Spike

Oni Spear – Tier A

Oni Spear is a drop from Rogue Mink Guardian

Auto Attacks:

  • First Move – Thousand Cuts
  • Second Move – Spear Thrust

Whip – Tier A

Whip is a drop from Mohji and Richie MINI-BOSSES

Auto Attacks:

  • First Move – Whip Barrage
  • Second Move – Whip Strike

Buggy’s Knife – Tier A

Buggy’s Knife is a drop from Buggy The Clown Boss

Auto Attacks:

  • First Move – Clown: Slash
  • Second move – Parade Ball

Daisenso – Tier A

Daisenso is a drop from Don Krieg Boss

Auto Attacks:

  • First Move – Golden Lance
  • Second Move – Mrieg Bomb

Kiribachi – Tier S

Kiribachi is a drop from Saw Shark Arlong Boss

Auto Attacks:

  • First Move – Kiribachi Kraze
  • Second Move – Kiribachi Slam
  • Third Move – Kiribachi Throw

Flintlock – Tier S

Bazooka – Tier S

All Weapons of Legacy Piece are ranked from Tier C to Tier S. Auto Attacks and Drop Locations of each weapon are mentioned in bullet points.

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