Heroes vs Hordes Tier List 2024 July – Best Heros Ranking

This is a GENERAL, LATE GAME Heroes vs Hordes Tier List. You will find some of the higher-ranked heroes to be disappointing when used BEFORE they have reached their late-game potential.

In this Heroes vs Hordes Tier List, The heroes after Tier B are not all that special. Whilst they may stand out here and there, generally a few of them can be good from early to mid but fall off rather quickly.

As such you can use them, and push them to their limits with your gear, but ideally, you want to try BladeMaster or one of the above adventure heroes.

Heroes vs Hordes Tier List 2024 July – Best Heros Ranking

  • Barbarian – S+ Tier
  • Monk – S+ Tier (OnlyWithForge)
  • Reaper – S Tier
  • Mage – S Tier
  • Assassin – S Tier
  • Artificer – A+ Tier
  • Blade Master – A+ Tier
  • Knight – A Tier
  • Paladin – A Tier
  • The Oracle – A Tier
  • Dark Paladin – B Tier
  • Fire Wizard – B Tier
  • Frost Wizard – B Tier
  • Arcane Mage – B Tier
  • Big Game Hunter – B Tier
  • Tide Warden – B Tier
  • Pirate Queen – B Tier
  • Spirit Shaman – C Tier
  • Santa – C Tier
  • Dark Ranger – C Tier
  • Crazy Tinkerer – C Tier
  • Warlock – C Tier
  • Dragon Empress – C Tier
  • Frost Queen – C Tier
  • Rocket Pilot – C Tier
  • Rose Mother – C Tier

Heroes vs Hordes Best Heroes 2024

Barbarian – S+

Heroes vs Hordes barbarian

He starts off average to above average but once you get him into ascended gear, and buffed with globals from other heroes, he starts to show his true potential. He has the highest damage ceiling in the game and he excels at taking on late-game content.

You can use him earlier but results may feel lackluster. Given the highest damage ceiling, as he takes on harder content and begins to take some damage, he begins to increase his own damage, showing just how devastating he can be with his axes.

Excels in: Late game progression. Guild Event. Farming in HM stages such as Toxic Jungle 5. If Lucky Wheel item collection returns, he is the best at looting it due to increased movement speed during his rage.

Monk – S+

Heroes vs Hordes Monk

Monk is a hero with a kit that is designed around shields and survivability. At the moment his weapon evolution is broken and abused which allows him to be very good at Guild Events and other modes. Given his design, he is able to handle the harder content of the game.

Forge Update: With the Evo changes, he is capable of clearing end-game content, fully AFK due to pushback and evasion from his skills whilst dealing a fair bit of damage. Even if he doesn’t outdamage Barbarian, he allows for an easier, even AFK, progression of end-game content.

Excels in: Mid-to-end game progression. Guild Event and possibly even Arena.

Reaper – S

Heroes vs Hordes Reaper

He starts off below average to average and is heavily reliant on being able to hit enemies to charge his ultimate which is where he really shows off how strong he is. To this effect, if you are using him in earlier content against easier enemies, your other weapons kill off the monster and he does not really get to shine.

He is also slow and relies on getting his cooldown capped. His full potential really shows when you take him into end-game content where the enemies are more tanky and he gets to rip them to shreds with his ultimate. Similarly,

He is best known for high rank Guild Events during the elite phase of the fight where he can charge up the ultimate to show you why he is called the Reaper.

Excels in: Late game progression. High-rank Guild Event. High-rank Arena.

Clockwork Mage – S

Heroes vs Hordes Clockwork Mage

Clock can take some getting used to when you first get her. Being used to facing your hero towards the enemy, you’ll see that Clock instead attacks to the sides. However, this is advantageous if you wedge her between two environmental obstacles.

Forcing enemies to converge from the sides, her chronic disks will continuously slow them down and once her ultimate charges, she slows them even more whilst putting them through the grinder. She is a strong hero from the early game to the late game.

She can also achieve Arena 20 full clear with lower gear and talent requirements. She is great for AFK farming in stages where you can force enemies into the choke points. Overall a really good hero for almost all modes.

Excels in: Early to Late progression. Guild Events. Arena. AFK Farming.

Assassin – S

Heroes vs Hordes Assassin

This ninja is a strong early and mid-game hero. Amazing for AFK farming with his auto-target basic attacks. Whilst he is strong for mid-game, needing to charge his ultimate via kills will lead him to get slower in charging up which leads him to fall off later on in late-game content. He also especially shines in dungeons and in boss brawls.

Update: Stronger after his buff, viable for late and perhaps even end-game content

Excels in: All stages of progression. Best AFK farmer. Amazing in Dungeon and Boss Brawl

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