How the same hacker has hacked over 10 social media influencers

Over the past few weeks, multiple famous internet influencers such as Shane Dawson, James Charles, Etika, Shroud, King Bach, Amanda Cerny and many others have been hacked by the same group of people. The group of hackers who are lead by Aqua, have taken control of so many Twitch and Twitter accounts and have caused mass upset across the internet.

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These “hackers” will stop at nothing. They are completely irresponsible and will do anything for clout, including leaking NSFW pictures and tweeting racist or controversial topics. The weird thing is, they are leaving a trail behind them. With every account they hack, they always mention Aqua or Chuckling squad in the tweets/live stream. This is incredibly weird as most of the time the hackers try to cover their identity as much as possible. The hackers have also been trying to persuade people to join their Discord server and follow them on Twitter.

These hackers have stated many times that they are preparing to hack even more social influencers. But, how are they doing this? How have the same group of hackers suddenly gained access to all these accounts? Let me explain how.

According to Keemstar, King Bach and Amanda Cerny, this issue is a human error that has taken place at the popular American multinational conglomerate holding company named AT&T. Apparently, the hackers simply call AT&T and tell the Human operator that they have lost their password. The operator then transfers the sim card from the influencers phone to the hacker’s phone. Just like that, the Hacker has access to all of the influencers photos as well as their social media accounts plus anything else on their phone.

Second time My phone number was hacked because of human error within company at @ATT ?! I have all possible steps of verification added after the first time again and my account was still compromised… time to switch carriers. Be careful out there everyone.

— Amanda Cerny (@AmandaCerny) August 23, 2019

There is also a slight possibility that AT&T employes had been bribed by a group of hackers in exchange for access to the phone. However, this is very unlikely.

This is obviously a huge security and privacy issue. AT&T is yet to comment on the situation. However, this may not be the way hackers are gaining access. This is all just a theory that has been proposed by Keemstar, King and Amanda. These hackers could be using other unknown methods to gain access to the accounts. However, the AT&T method is the most likely method as every single one of these YouTubers who have been hacked currently operates with AT&T. Plus, why would King and Amanda lie?

Dear @ATT …

— King Bach (@KingBach) August 24, 2019

I’ve also done another article related to these hackers. You can read that article where I went into detail about the hackings of many Twitch streamers by clicking here.

It will be incredibly interesting to see what will come from this. Will AT&T own up and take responsibility? Will more Influencers be hacked? We will have to wait and see. In another article related to these hackers. You can read more about it on The Clashify.”

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