Why PewDiePie deleted his Twitter and is taking a break from YouTube.

The YouTube star named Felix who goes by the online username of PewDiePie, has abruptly deleted his Twitter account today after uploading a seven minute rant to YouTube about why he hates Twitter. This comes just shortly after the King told his users that he will be taking a break from the popular content creation website named YouTube in 2020, as he is ‘tired’ and needs a break.

In his video that he uploaded today titled ‘I hate twitter’, Felix explained exactly why he deleted his Twitter account.

You get rewarded for saying things that make you seem virtuous, rather than acting on it. It explains why the site has become such a cesspool of opinions, and how more often than not those that boast about being virtuous often through hiding are not. There are so many YouTubers I could call out.



PewDiePie couldn’t emphasis more on how he dislikes Twitter. In fact, he even said he HATES Twitter and at multiple points, said f**k Twitter.

Now, if you visit, you will see an alternative profile that PewDiePie has set up to avoid fans taking his username and trolling with it. ‘ I don’t use Twitter, this account is just to prevent fake accounts’ is his current bio.

This means that PewDiePie has permanently lost his 19 million Twitter followers.

Felix is expected to take a hiatus from YouTube next year while he rests. It is currently unknown how long that break will last.

If you haven’t seen his YouTube video yet, you can watch it below.

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