New Anime Slots Trello Link and Some Tips for New Players

The Anime Slots Trello board is a beneficial resource for players because in Trello you will find lots of information about Anime Slots including the Anime Slots Beginner Guide, Rarities, Accessories, Items, NPC, Obbys, Aura, and Gamepasses.

So below are the Anime Slots Trello Link and how you can use the board also you will find some tips and tricks below.

Anime Slots Beginner Guide


Here you can alter your settings

  • Auto Equip:Any aura of this amount or higher will be automatically equipped
  • Auto Skip:Any aura of this amount or lower will be skipped
  • Aura Filter:Choose auras you want to auto equip/auto skip


List of things you can achieve:

Welcome to Anime Slots-Join anime slots
100!-Roll 100 times
5000!-Roll 5,000 times
NO LIFE-Roll 50,000 times
Obby Master-Complete Hard Obby

Easy Obby – Grants you 2x luck for 60 seconds after completion

Hard Obby – After completing grants 1.25% luck boost (claim in achievements)
For example if you have 20 luck after hard obby completion it would be 25

Anime Slots Trello Link

Anime Slots Trello Trello & Wiki Link

  • https://trello. com/b/iKxUbQVC/anime-slots

Anime Slots Trello contains a location guide, useful maps locations of important Items, and a lot more.


Q: What is the game?

A: It’s a sols RNG inspired by anime auras and unique elements!

Q: How much for a Content Creator role? A: 1k+ Followers/Subs (dm me or @nomis or @oblivyno)

Q: Will there be trading?

A: Maybe in the future

Q: is it just an RNG game?

A: No we will be adding unique content that you can do with your auras!

Q: How will cutscenes work?

A: They play when you roll them and when you first join a server! (activated with a key)

Q: Will it support all platforms (XBOX, Mobile, PC)

A: Yes!

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