Anime Switch Trello Link & Wiki – Best Beginner Guide

Anime Switch is a multiplayer 2.5D game developed, and created by True Gambit. This game will feature a variety of different anime characters from multiple action-packed shows.

You will use these characters to create a personal build in which you will be able to dominate enemies in PVE, as well as other players in different game modes presented in PVP.

Well, if you are a beginner in the game and Looking for an Anime Switch Trello or Anime Switch beginner guide we want to tell you, in this article, you will find the Anime Switch Trello Link below and some tips & tricks or Anime Switch.

Anime Switch Trello

Anime Switch Trello Link & Wiki – Best Beginner Guide

This Anime Switch Trello is very helpful for new players, who do not have any idea how to progress in the game. It is also helpful for adept players looking for a Mounts guide.

Anime Switch Tips & Beginner Guide


  • M1: Click
  • Dash: Space
  • Switch: Q/E
  • Abilities: 1-4
  • Awaken: G


The blue bar is your Usage and is individual to each of your characters. You regain usage from sources such as Passive regen (This is greater when the switch is subbed out), M1s, Blue pots from crates, etc.

The green bar is your Total Health. If this reaches 0 you die. You can increase your max health by increasing your Player level.

The orange bar is your awakening. Not every character has an awakening.

You can upgrade your switch stats in the switch menu.

You can customize controls and other options in the settings menu.

There are currently 5 sagas and a Crusade mode. (Future updates will add more)

Z and X for chair and mount in the hub

If you get stuck you can reset to tp your out

That’s it for this Anime Switch Trello Link & Wiki – Best Beginner Guide. If you want some free rewards in-game the use codes and here is the list of all Working codes on our Anime Switch Codes page.

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