Aura RNG Trello & Beginner Guide for New Players

In the Aura RNG Trello, you’ll find a range of useful guides to enhance your gameplay. The Trello page is akin to the Aura RNG Wiki, offering details on NPC, Auras, Rolling and fishing mechanics, Items (from blacksmith), Mutated auras, and other valuable insights to level up your game experience.

Aura RNG is a popular Roblox game where you roll and roll until you get an aura you enjoy using where you test your luck, flex your rarest auras, and roll to get the best auras. Now let’s check out Aura RNG Trello and other useful information.

Aura RNG Trello

Aura RNG Trello

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Aura RNG Beginner Guide

  • Auras – Auras are basically what you can get from rolling.
  • Mutated auras – These are auras that’s mixed with other auras creating a cool blend sometimes it looks great sometimes it doesn’t.
  • Roll – Click this to get auras if you are lucky you might get a good one.
  • Auto roll – Automatically rolls for you letting you get auras while afk.
  • Note: auras get automatically stored don’t worry as far as I know it has infinite space.



Lets you upgrade your stats and You can upgrade:

  • Walk speed – increases how fast you walk
  • How high you jump – increases ur jump and enables double jump
  • Rolling cooldown – reduces the rolling cooldown
  • Potion duration – increases the time when you use a potion
  • Fishing speed – reduces the cooldown in fishing
  • Fishing luck – gives you a better chance of getting items

Quest – Shows the available quests and achievements you can do. Note: different from the quests in the shop.

Collection – Shows the auras you unlocked

Items (from blacksmith)

  • Ruby of Destiny – Holding it yields an additional 5% luck boost!
  • Rok – Sits menacingly on your shoulder, offers 10% extra luck when holding!
  • Book Of Zen – Clears your mind and offers 25% extra luck!
  • Night Charm – Holding this during the night offers a 50% luck boost, but a 50% higher roll cooldown!
  • Day Charm – Holding this during the day provides 10% lower cooldown, but a 10% luck decrease!
  • Chromatic Heart – Holding this offers a 2x luck boost, but slows the player significantly.
  • Magic Dice – Holding this gives a 10% chance of cloning your roll!

Usable (from alchemist or fishing

  • Lucky I – Gives a 10% luck boost for 15 minutes!
  • Lucky lI – Gives a 20% luck boost for 30 minutes!
  • Herbie’s Magic Potion – 20% Chance your selected aura turns into the next tier rarity.
  • Morphcube – 50% Chance your selected aura turns into the next tier rarity.

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