Beyond Warrior Idle RPG Tier List & Best Team Guide

In this Beyond Warrior Idle RPG Tier List, we will review which characters to prioritize when rerolling for Beyond Warrior Idle RPG. If you’re confused about which characters are best in-game across all the different classes, don’t worry.

We have shared the Characters tier list which is created by pro players of game, so come and let’s check out team guide and tier list.

Beyond Warrior Idle RPG Tier List & Best Team Guide

Beyond Warrior Idle RPG Tier List

Beyond Warrior Idle RPG Team Guide

The current teamcomp I am running is on fire.

Beyond Warrior Idle RPG Team Guide


  • Insane sustain from graham, marcia, harvey and tianshi
  • Very good cc:aoe taunt, stuns freezes
  • Insane aoe dmg and back row dmg from daniel and harvey
  • Good single target dmg from graham and daniel( when few enemies alive)


  • when facing dissruptive teamcomps damage falls a bit(if harvey

Team 2

Beyond Warrior Idle RPG Team
pic 1
Beyond Warrior Idle RPG Tier List
Pic 2

Pic 1: good for everything especially dmg boss contents. All the units have low drop rate so it’s quite difficult for f2p players in the early game. You can invest in the pic2’s team for a couple months and slowly invest in the pic 1. I removed White Beard because he’s not good for some dmg boss contents.

You can replace Noth Henshan Sect by Tianshi Sect or Tanhua Sect for extra dps

Pic 2: Cheaper and easier to upgrade. A very good team for 5vs5 contents but it’s not really good at dmg boss contents. Still better future than many people who keep investing in Medicine Lord’s Valley & Chunyang Palace for more than 2 weeks

_Li Yanguang gives you a lot of benefits from dmg boss contents so you can sacrifice Allie’s survival to create another low budget team with him

Newbie Tips

1. As a newbie, you can first raise the free warriors given by the system. Please don t develop multiple warriors at the beginning. Then you can plan your own development route in the late stages

2. The early enemies are not difficult. If you encounter a situation where you can’t beat it, just adjust your team position.

3. Huashan can be used as a transitional output wariors. Qing Jue and Zuo Hanxiu are also very good to cultivate.

4. The store will refresh some low-priced draws daily. It is recommended that you save golds for use at this time. In addition you can also buy some items that cost coppers.

5. You can replenish the dice of Jubao Mountain in an appropriat amount daily. Don’t miss the designated draw!

6. You don t have to put too much effort into strengthening your equipment in early game, especially purple equipment or less.

7. it is very cost-effective to purchase growth fund and sign-in fund pack!

8. It you want to get Yin/ Yang card or red Secret Script, please don’t forget to max out the daily Thief Leaders Whereabouts.

9. Please don’t miss the daily sign-in, divination Event, etc!

So, there you have it – that’s our Beyond Warrior Idle RPG character tier list and team Guide. Make sure to check back in the future for any changes.

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