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If you’re the type of person who loves the Beyblade game, Bladers Rebirth is here for you, and we’ve got a complete Bladers Rebirth Beginners Guide wiki to help you get started.

Bladers Rebirth is a brand-new game developed by BB: X, In this game, you can become the strongest Blader by handwork and training. The game has so many Beyblades; we will discuss everything in this guide.

Read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Parts/Part Tiers, Stats, Stamina Meter, Crystals & Legendary Blades, Part Upgrade Machine, and Hoverboards.

Roblox Bladers Rebirth Beginner Guide Wiki & Tips, Tricks

Parts/Part Tiers

Bladers Rebirth Beginner Guide

Parts scale up the stats of your beyblade in different ways, effectively altering your build but still scaling based on what your stat point allotment was in the first place. This means you can use parts that buff your attack stat, and if you put points into that, your attack stat will generally scale much higher. Same for any other stat.

Parts also have tiers. With each tier granting an overall stat and trait buff for each one.

  • Tier I: +20% Stats & +25% Trait Effectiveness
  • Tier II: +40% Stats & +50% Trait Effectiveness
  • Tier III: +60% Stats & +75% Trait Effectiveness
  • Tier IV: +80% Stats & +100% Trait Effectiveness
  • Tier V: +100% Stats & +125% Trait Effectiveness

Parts will be labeled on what tier they are in the inventory screen.



  • Attack: Increases your damage output
  • Defense: Decreases damage taken from direct contact or special moves
  • Stamina: Increases total hp, letting you last longer before running out over time.
  • Speed: Reduces cooldowns on special moves and increases movement speed.

There are hidden weight and pierce stats that reduce the knockback you take while increasing knockback against enemies, and letting you bypass enemy defense respectively.


Spirits grant different stat scaling buffs to your beyblade’s overall stats, and sometimes different passive skills that help you turn the tide in battle. There is no way to obtain a spirit beyond paying robux at the time of writing.

Stamina Master

Stamina Master

Stamina is the blue meter sitting right before your green stamina bar. It is used for boosting in this game, the beyblade equivalent of sprinting.

You are invincible when boosting. Speed scales up your stamina meter, allowing for longer boost times.

Boost by holding down SHIFT or V.

Crystals & Legendary Blades

Your blade must be level 500 or higher to use a crystal. It will not work otherwise.

Legendary status is an effect that any beyblade can obtain by finding a crystal. Crystals have a chance to spawn every 1-2 hours in a server, and the server will notify everyone when it spawns. Crystals are known to generally spawn nearby areas with NPC bladers.

Legendary status grants +50% scaling to all your stats and an aura.


Hoverboards can be bought from the Bey Pit (Multiple Shops) SHOP INFO for cash and provide a speed boost when equipped using the E button. The more expensive, the faster the board.

Part Upgrade Machines

Bladers Rebirth Beginner Guide

Part Upgrade Machines let you sacrifice parts to make one part go up a tier, with it getting more expensive for each tier you upgrade a part by.

It costs 3 parts to upgrade one, and your part has a chance to become any of the parts that were used in the sacrifice. The odds of success go up for each part you sacrifice.

With all that said, you now know everything you need to get started in Bladers Rebirth!

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