Death Ball Value List – Swords & Auras Trading Values List

Hi guys, we are back with another guide and this time we’ll show you the Death Ball Value List for Swords & Auras. In Roblox Death Ball you have to deflect the deadly death ball with your swords and use unique and powerful ability sets to win.

Death Ball features a lot of unique items, such as swords, and auras that players can use to help them survive. If you’ve got your eye on a particular resource in the Roblox game, you can always trade with another player, and every item has a different value.

So, here’s a full curated list of all the available iDeath Ball Value List – Swords & Auras Trading Values.

Death Ball Values List

Death Ball Value List – Swords & Auras Trading Values


  • Enigma: 3M – 5M
  • Divine Shadow (new): 2M – 4M
  • Amethyst Oblivion: 600K – 750K (deprecated)
  • Colossal Blazehead (new): 250K – 400K (unstable)
  • Inferno Blade (new): 250K – 400K (unstable)
  • Tri Heat Scythe (new): 250K – 400K (unstable)
  • Gemblade: 100K – 130K (deprecated)
  • Olympus Sword: 100K – 130K (deprecated)
  • Spirit Scythe: 75K – 90K
  • Cursed Spirit Blade: 50K – 70K (deprecated)


  • Darkness (new): 150K – 200K
  • Divine Slayer (new): 150K – 200K
  • Dragonheart: 75K – 90K
  • Uroy Sword (new): 50K – 75K (unstable)
  • Adventure Sword (new): 25K – 45K (unstable)
  • Golden Hero (new): 25K – 45K (unstable)
  • Windkai (new): 25K – 45K (unstable)
  • Spirit Blade: 20K – 35K (deprecated)
  • Koju’s Blade: 20K – 35K (deprecated)
  • Gemtoki’s Staff: 15K – 25K
  • Emberheart: 15K – 25K
  • Evolved Scissor: 15K – 25K
  • Kameki’s Blade: 15K – 25K
  • Foxuro’s Slicer: 15K – 20K
  • Keilo’s Katana: 15K – 20K
  • Gazo’s Whisp: 10K – 17.5K
  • Lufus’ Katana: 10K – 17.5K
  • Dragon Sword: 10K – 15K
  • One’s Axe: 10K – 15K
  • King’s Spear: 10K – 15K


  • Olympus Edge: 25K – 35K (deprecated)
  • Eye Scythe (new): 7.5K – 10K
  • Shadow Eclipse (new): 7.5K – 10K
  • Azimuth Sword: 5K – 10K
  • Darkstar: 5K – 10K
  • The Shadow: 5K – 10K
  • Emerald Edge: 5K – 7.5K
  • Star Slayer: 5K – 7.5K
  • Gladius: 3K – 5K
  • Luminara Staff: 3K – 5K
  • Apocalypse Bat: 3K – 5K

These are all the available Swords & Auras Values that you can collect or trade while playing Roblox’s Death Ball.

So, there you have it – everything you need to know about the value of all items available in Roblox’s Death Ball in Roblox. For more Roblox tips, tricks, and promo codes, make sure to check out our guides below:

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