Dragon Age Pals Adventure Beginner Guide, Tips & Line Up

Looking for Dragon Age Pals Adventure Beginner Guide, Tips & Line Up? Dragon Age Pals Adventure is an RPG game developed by Pixel Spirits. The game is about collecting and training Primons that can form a team and help you in combat.

This Dragon Age Pals Adventure Guide will provide you with essential tips and strategies to kickstart your adventure and guide you on your path to becoming the Primon Master. So come and take a look at Dragon Age Pals Adventure Line Ups and all 4 professions of the Primon.

Dragon Age Pals Adventure Beginner Guide, Tips & Line Up

Dragonbone Effects

Unlock Skills: Dragon Age Pals Adventure Beginner Guide

Unlock Skills:

Each Primon initially has 4 Dragon- bone slots, each corresponding to a skill. As the Primon evolves to key stages, more slots can be added. A skill is unlocked only when the corresponding slot is equipped with a dragonbone.

Higher-Ly Dragonbones

Higher-Ly Dragonbones

Higher-level effects require older dragonbones to unlock, such as 500-year, 1000-year, or 5000-year ones. Upgraded ancient dragon bones can have completely different traits, greatly en- hancing Primon strength!

Dragonbone Sub-Attributes

Dragon Age Pals Adventure Beginner Guide

Each dragonbone comes with fixed sub-attributes of random quality (orange, purple, blue). The same quality of older dragonbones will have higher values, making the quality and type of sub-attributes very important.

Dragonbone Development

Dragon Age Pals Adventure Beginner Guide

Enhancement Dragonbones can be enhanced. Higher-level dragonbones can be upgraded to higher levels, providing significant power boosts.

Breakthrough Dragonbones that are 5000 years old or older can undergo a breakthrough!

Dragon Age Pals Adventure Primon Guide

Q1. How do I choose the right lineup?

A: Primons belong to 4 Factions-Wind, Earth, Water, and Fire

Which lineup to cultivate is based on the Primons you already have. In the early stages, a 3+3 combination of two factions offers better value.

How do I choose the profession of the Primon?

Currently, Primons are divided into 4 professions-Brawler, Mage, Control, and Tank/Support.

To prevent waste in any profession, it is best to train at least 1 primon in each profession, with a maximum of 1-2 primons in the same profession.

How do I choose which Primon to cultivate?

In-game pets come in four rarities Blue, Purple, Orange, and Legendary. Legendary. Each primon has unique traits. Use the legendary primon as the core around your lineup, with the overall strategy being Skill > Primon Star Level > Rarity.

If you train the wrong Primon, no worries—you can use Rebirth or Inheritance for a lossless switch within the same profession. Although you can’t inherit resources across different professions, the resources will return to your backpack and not be lost.

Q4. How can I obtain more Primons?

Events/Quests/Packs Players can obtain a large number of Primon eggs through various launched events and main quests. Primon eggs can also be purchased through various gift packs; Beast Dojo The Beast Dojo is the primary way to get eggs for free, so don’t miss out!

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