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Hi guys, Today we will show you Epic War Unlock Screws Guide. Epic War Unlock Screws is a very popular game and Today We will share some tips and tricks about Hero Deployment, Silver Coins Strategy, and some Resource Tips for New Players.

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Epic War Unlock Screws Guide Wiki

Hero Deployment

On the world map, I would pair my heroes based on their duo bonuses as that would provide a passive buff to their power levels. I would then deploy them based on their factions.

Epic War Unlock Screws Guide

Gathering, I would send the group with the highest load capacities. Hunting, I would use the highest power level. Combat doesn’t matter as long as your overall total power is stronger than the opponent’s total

Right now my teams are:

Fire: Gro, Dolvar, Gabriel, Rosamund
Ice: Ariza, Ralph, O’Neil, Nicole

Mixed pairs: Jennifer, Catherine
(Archer), Isaac, Ivey (Poison)
Random SS heroes: Miku, Pest, Hades, Erica

Restraining monsters would be best with a full faction, as that would mean attacking monsters would be slightly faster. My mixed group can attack ice without being restrained and the randoms would be used to gather/join rallies.

Epic War Unlock Screws Guide

When I obtain Alucard, I would then pair him with Pest and form a Poison team with Isaac and Ivey. Your groups should comprise of your strongest heroes based on their star quality and levels. I tend to make one group the strongest as possible so I can solo dragon nest guards.

As one of the strongest on the server, I also like to help other people’s rallies by making up the difference in their power levels. For example, if they rally a dragon nest guard, I’ll use my strongest group. For easy targets like Harolds, I’ll use my weakest.

Silver Coins

You can earn silver coins in 3 different ways:

1) Titans = 100 silver coins for your own rally. Titan event = Rally on someone else’s Titan up to 50 times a day. You get 20 coins per rally which equates up to 1000 coins daily.

2) Tech research will give you 10 silver coins per donation

3) Dragon nest guards. A successful raid on a nest guard can give you 100 per rally. This is farmable.

Spending your coins depends on your own needs.

1) Must-have purchases are the yellow chests, followed by the hourly experience on the level 1 goods.

2) Any extra can be put towards research and recruit speed-ups. It might be wise to have a few alliance teleports when required but these are optional depending alliance location.

3) Weekly goods have a high cost for each item, so these are bonuses if you can accumulate enough coins to purchase these items.

Resource Tips

Stone is a very strong resource to focus on as it helps you with your overall level, which can benefit you in many ways across the game. Stone is best acquired from Rallying Titans, using the Wall and joining an alliance.

Wood and Corn/Food are needed for tech trees and calling up reserves which both help you advance. They can be obtained through resource gathering when you’re out of energy and you don’t want to keep your troops idle. If you are strong enough, PvP can also be another good way of collecting your resources and it can also be a lot faster than gathering again, upgrading your wall with your heroes also helps gather these resources.

Finally, the hardest resource to gather, which is crystals, is used for leveling your dragon. There are fewer crystals in the resource nodes than any of the other resources available, which makes them harder to accumulate Crystals will also be needed for some techs later on. The wall and chests are a good way of gathering these crystals proactively as well as PvP and things such as the VIP shop.

I would personally focus on Crystals and Stone as wood and food can come hand in hand from so many places and can still be gathered quite quickly, Gold can be obtained from so many places that it never needs to be your primary focus.

That’s it for this Epic War Unlock Screws Guide.

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