Hamster Inn Codes 2024 – All NEW Secret Password

Hamster Inn is a cute new game for the iOS and Android platforms by Hyperbeard in which you can open your hotel and provide 5-star service to the guests. you can create big rooms in your hotels so that you can accommodate more customers.

Hyperbeard is a huge developer and they are known for making popular games like Pocket Love, Adorable Home, etc etc. Just like these games, Hamster Inn has a secret password option in the game settings.

These Secret passwords are Hamster Inn Codes, that give you Dimond and cash, and you can use these in-game resources to Upgrade and decorate your hotel. So come and take a look at these

Hamster Inn Codes List – Working Secret Password List

  • StayAtHome

You can enter a Hamster Inn secret password and get free rewards for it. You can only use these Hamster Inn Codes once and they also have some expiry dates.

How To Redeem Hamster Inn Secret Passwords

In order to use a secret password in Hamster Inn, you have to do the following:

Step 1: First of all you have to complete the tutorial until you can click wherever you want.

Step 2: After completing the tutorial, tap on the menu button, (3 Dot as shown in the below image)

Hamster Inn Redeem Codes

Step 3: Now you see a safebox option, Click on it and Enter the above-listed Secret passwords and you will get your rewards instantly.

How To Find More Secret Passwords For Hamster Inn

Well, One of the best ways to find secret passwords is to follow the official Facebook page and Join the Facebook groups of Hamster Inn. Most of the time developers will share codes there.

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