Legacy Piece Trello – Bosses, Race, Accessories List

Hello everyone, we’re going to provide you with the Legacy Piece Trello Link. So read on for the Legacy Piece Trello Link, Wiki, and get up-to-date with all of the game’s features with this Legacy Piece Trello.

Legacy Piece is an inspired One Piece manga series game, Where you pick a side that’s either marines or pirates and fight for your own will or the people’s will and protect them and keep peace and harmony throughout the islands you explore.

This game is in development as in developers will always be updating and adding new ideas/concepts and improving their game as a whole to be fitting of the player and fanbase.

Legacy Piece Trello

Legacy Piece Trello Link [Official]

Below we have shared the Legacy Piece Link Trello(We have manually verified that this is the official one) —


Legacy Piece Beginner Guide


W – Run
Q – Dash (dashes towards whatever key you are holding down)
H – Grip
B – Carry
ZXCVBET: Move Keys
2x Space – Geppo (you have to buy it)
Tab – Haki (you have to buy it)


1 Higuma The Bandit Boss

Higuma The Bandit Boss:

HP: 285
Location: Fusha Island [Level 1-15]
Drops: Higuma Katana (35%)

Smoke Screen
Sliding Slash

2 Iron Mace Alvida Boss

HP: 480
Location: Alvida Island [Level 15-25]


  • Alvida Hat (15%)
  • Iron Mace (10%)


  • Ground Smash
  • Mace Whirl
  • Ground Shatter
  • Mace Headbutt
  • Spawn Alvida Pirates

3 Axe-Hand Morgan Boss

HP: 411
Location: Shells Town [Level 25-40]


  • Metal Jaw (10%)
  • Axe Hand (5%)


  • Double Slash
  • Axe Slice
  • Buster Call
  • Axe Twister

4 Yeti Boss

HP: 750
Location: Shimotsuki Island [Level 40-50]


  • Frost Coat (9%)
  • Frost Blade (3%)


  • Yeti Roar
  • Ceiling Bust
  • Ground Slam

5 Buggy the Clown Boss

HP: 350
Location: Orange Town [Level 50-65]


  • Buggy’s hat (10%)
  • Buggy’s Cape (7%)
  • Buggy’s Knife (4%)


  • Chop Festival
  • Triple Knife Stab
  • Parade Bomb
  • Festival’s Parade Bomb



  • Increased mastery exp and normal exp
  • Increased health regen


  • Increased swim speed
  • Increased breath duration
  • Increased fist damage


  • Increased jump height
  • Increased stamina


  • Increased speed
  • Increased stamina
  • Electro fighting style


Oni race gives 2x HP / ability/combat damages but the debuff is your slower

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