PGTD3 Guide – Pixel Gun Tower Defense Guide & Trello

Welcome to our PGTD3 Guide aka Pixel Gun Tower Defense Guide, In this article we will tell you about Rarities, Stars and Omega coins, Claw Machine, and much more.  PGTD3 was released as a separate game on April Fools mostly as a joke with no intention of getting popular.

As known, PGTD3 has mechanics which are not present in the original PGTD and you can find everything below. Let’s start with an explanation of these.

PGTD3 Guide - Pixel Gun Tower Defense Guide & Trello

PGTD3 Guide – Pixel Gun Tower Defense Guide & Trello


You have to rely on this as higher rarity means higher damage output (if it wasn’t obvious)
There are 5 rarities obtainable from the claw machine and one extra called Omega which is obtained from upgrading them at altar

Basic is the lowest and Omega is the highest. To get Omega rarity, you need at least one Divine weapon and 100 Omega coins

Here is a table on which rarity is better than the other:

  • Basic – 0.9x dmg
  • Common – 1.25x dmg
  • Rare – 1.75x dmg
  • Epic – 2.5x dmg
  • Mythic – 3x dmg
  • Divine – 4x dmg
  • Omega – 5.5x dmg

While this looks like it makes the game easier to beat, it doesn’t. HP of enemies is increased by 3x to match the power of the weapons with higher rarity (very noticeable when playing on a higher difficulty like a veteran)

You can receive duplicates of these weapons sometimes with the same rarities as before as the Claw Machine is complete RNG.

Stars and Omega coins

Stars are a new currency that can be obtained by purchasing it with robux, converting money and/or gambling, choice is yours.

This currency is the most valuable one as of right now since it allows you to get higher rarity for weapons easily.

Not to confuse slot machine stars and the currency stars.

Omega coins can be obtained by playing matches with Divine weapons and then spinning Decider of Fates. Omega coins allow you to convert Divine rarity weapons to Omega rarity at the Altar.

Omega coins has no other purposes as of right now.

Claw Machine

This is the first thing you’ll see when you spawn in the lobby. This replaces the Shop system from PGTD1 (making it a bit harder to get stats for the weapons)

The weapons you get from here will be completely RNG. You cannot decide which weapon you get like in PGTD1.

This system also allows you to get exclusive weapons like Liberator (Contributor Exclusive), Portable Gift Factory, USFA Zip.22, and FWL which were mostly time-limited weapons.

You can also get characters from here but you can buy them separately now unlike at the release (though it’ll cost you more to buy them separately but it’s always better than relying on RNG)

You can speed up the Claw Machine by spending 200 stars on it’s Speed upgrade (it’s permanent)

It’s better to use the Star option for getting weapons as it’ll guarantee you higher chances of getting a weapon with above-average rarity.

The free option is the worst as it has very low chance of giving you any weapon and only ever use the Money option if you need the weapons just to grind the game as low level (where money is usually tight).

Slot Machines

Gambling for stars, basically.

Maximum stars you can get from here is 10k in a win, which is Jackpot.

I’ll just give you the table of the rarity of ones which are important.

  • 3 Clovers (1/250): 25 stars
  • 3 Stars (1/1000): 100 stars
  • 3 Poop Emojis (1/500k) and (1/200k for premium players) :10000 stars

This method of getting stars is decent since you can macro but it’s better to grind the game if you hate rng(why are you playing this game in the first place if you hate rng).


This allows you to upgrade your divine rarity weapon to omega weapons. Every weapon has different chances depending on its price or sometimes it has a set chance. 100 Omega coins is required to upgrade a divine weapon. The chances of each weapon turning into omega rarity is in the given attachment in this card.

Explorable Lobby

You can explore the lobby of PGTD3 instead of the lobby in PGTD1 where you cannot interact with the environment.

Areas are mostly level-locked. These areas allow you access to Slot Machines and other useful areas. Areas that have absurdly high-level requirements don’t have anything in them as of now.

You can move to a different area even without having the level requirement. You can use the dance clip method to clip through the level requirement door.

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