Project Kaiju Trello Link & Beginner Guide for Version 4.0

Hello everyone, welcome to our Project Kaiju Trello Link & Beginner Guide for Version 4.0. A demo of Project Kaiju 4.0 is currently available on Roblox, but the final version is still in development. In this article, we will give some beginner guides for new players.

Also, You will find the Trello link and all controls for X Box, So Now, let’s look at the Martial Peak Trello and other valuable information like Kaijus, maps, game modes, Battlepass, and Premium Pass.

Project Kaiju Trello Link

  • https://trello .com/b/AkpEI1M9/project-kaiju-40

Project Kaiju Trello Link

Project Kaiju Beginner Guide for Version 4.0

Battle Pass and Premium Pass


– Every 2 months a new SEASON will start
– Each season the game will be updated with new items in the BATTLE PASS


– The BATTLE PASS is a grouped collection of Skins, Emotes, and other items.
– You can buy the BATTLE PASS every SEASON for 1250 GCELLS
– The BATTLE PASS has 22 tiers, 11 are free and 11 are PREMIUM
– To get BATTLE PASS XP you must play the game or complete CHALLENGES


LOOTBOXES will unlock 3 items, which can be Skins, Emotes, Roars, GCells, XP. You can earn loot box by: Ranking up, Winning game modes, Completing CHALLENGES, PRESIDING but there is a limit of 5, meaning you can only earn up to 5 every 10 hours. Once you reach 5 LOOTBOXES earned, a 10-hour timer starts and after 10 hours you can earn 5 more


– Every 12 hours you have 5 CHALLENGES you can complete
– Completing CHALLENGES will give you rewards such as : LOOTBOXES, BATTLEPASS XP, GCELLS


– GCELLS is the currency for the game, it can be used to buy Skins, Emotes,Roars, and the BATTLE PASS

Project Kaiju Trello

Combat Mechanics



– HEALTH is something all characters will have, once your HEALTH drops to 0 you will FAINT
– HEALTH can be replenished by fainting or using certain attack moves or by picking up health vials


– STAMINA is a valuable resource all kaijus have, this is vital for abilities such as BLOCKING or sprinting
– Sprinting will drain your stamina over time
– BLOCKING attacks will drain stamina
– Once your stamina hits 0 you will no longer be able to sprint or BLOCK


– RAGE is a resource you obtain by taking damage or dealing damage
– RAGE lets you use abilities such as your ultimate attack, FORCEBACK and ESCAPE
– Once your RAGE reaches its maximum your meter will light on fire, indicating its ready to use



– IFRAMES make you invincible and immune to every attack


– ARMOR makes you immune to being stunned by normal attacks
– ARMOR makes you immune to being : Grabbed, Knockdown,Guard-broke


– BLOCKING can block normal attacks
– LOW ATTACKS and GRABS and ULT STUNS will phase through blocks
– BLOCKING will automatically stop once your stamina reaches 0


– ROARING makes you immobile but grants ARMOR
– After your ROAR is over you will have IFRAMES that last for .5 seconds
– After your IFRAMES end you will have ARMOR that lasts for .705 seconds
– ROARING will regenerate over 40 stamina when used


– ABSORBING acts like BLOCKING but instead of BLOCKING all attacks it will ABSORB the attack and empower the player


– COUNTERING will put the player in an immobile pose, once an enemy hits the COUNTERING player, the person who attacked will instead be STUNNED


– FORCEBACK can be used for 75 RAGE whenever you BLOCK an attack
– This ability will knock enemies backwards when activated


– ESCAPE can be use while STUNNED and will consume 125 RAGE
– This ability will knock enemies off of you while stunned
– This ability can be blocked with ARMOR or IFRAMES

That’s all you’ll need to find the Project Kaiju Trello Link & Beginner Guide for Version 4.0

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