SpinCraft Roguelike Beginner Guide, Tips & Tricks Wiki

Hi guys, Today we will give some SpinCraft Roguelike Beginner Guide Tips & Tricks which are shared by pro players on the game Discord server, I am sure that these tips will help you to level up your game. SpinCraft: Roguelike is a new roguelike deck-building game developed by Sneaky Panda Games.

In this game, you collect unique items, earn coins, and find combo items Icon images. You can create your coin machine and build some powerful decks by collecting symbols with each spin, earning coins and combo items to advance your coin machine to the next level.

Now Let’s take a look at all those SpinCraft Roguelike Beginner Guide Tips & Tricks mentioned below.

SpinCraft Roguelike Beginner Guide

SpinCraft Roguelike Beginner Guide Tips & Tricks Wiki

How to get more diamonds?

A good way to get diamonds is from the coal that turns into a diamond after 40 spins and then il usually try to get miners as early as possible and take all the ore mines I can get that have a chance to give a diamond when destroyed while miner just keeps my board clear from the other gems.

How to encounter Goblin

Be sure you don’t have more than recommended symbols at a time – just remove excess

Goblins counter has to go to 0 to catch it, and usually it starts with your current remaining spins -2, so lets say you have 8 spins left, goblin would have 6 counters (I think – not many of them so far so this is just an assumption)

Every spin, there’s a chance to encounter Goblin – do what I wrote and you will be rewarded with a legendary chest, 500 gems, and some tokens

I have one extra tip – don’t be afraid to reset runs often. Set some checkpoints at certain stages – i.e. if I don’t get a specific symbol by level 20 I simply reset

Quick tip for the tournament

You can actually withhold playing if you have a good run. Your score is kept up to date, so you kinda bait people into thinking they have to beat your score, but the run isn’t over – I’m gonna finish it tomorrow, 1-2h before the tournament ends.

More Tips

  • From early game, basically skip almost everything non essential for late game
  • But keep on stacking scrolls and arrows
  • Epic books are great source of scrolls in the long run, definitely pick 1-4 early
  • Arrows are easy to clone
  • With 4 quite early books, I was just able to get final scroll before endgame
  • You need 81 scrolls for that
  • Lady Arcane having such a good time with those merging epics

Pick Item potions frequently – They will grant you alot of non-stackable items, leaving smaller pool to pick from at the end of stage, so potentially higher chances for better items –

I noticed that alot more 2-4-8 symbol presents showing up and those are great for extra chances for epics/legendaries. At later stages, when the pool is smaller, Item potions tend to spawn 2 symbol presents quite often.

that’s it for SpinCraft Roguelike Beginner Guide, Tips & Tricks Wiki.

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