Ultimate Town Sandbox Trello Link and Tips for New Players

Ultimate Town Sandbox is a game where you can grind for money using jobs, unlock characters, get achievements, and much more. Game passes include a Trainer and an NPC Spawner tool. The game supports console/controller and mobile.

Ultimate Town Sandbox has so many weapons, moods, Tools, and Locations. You can find in-depth information about everything on trello, Below we have shared the Ultimate Town Sandbox official trello link (We have manually verified that this is the official one).

Ultimate Town Sandbox Trello Link

Ultimate Town Sandbox Trello Link


Ultimate Town Sandbox Guide


  • Ctrl. for sprint. L3 for controller.
  • Press 1 to unequip your current item or backspace. L1 on controller.
  • Press T to ragdoll/unragdoll. R1 on controller.
  • Caps Lock to use special. Triangle/Y on controller.
  • Tab for inventory.
  • Q for Character Menu.
  • Z for Moods.
  • Vehicles
    F for Flip Vehicle. Up D-Pad for controller.
  • Helicopter
  • LShift to go up. Up D-Pad for controller.
  • LCtrl to go down. Down D-Pad for controller.
  • F5 for Trainer.


Mood bars

Hunger: Goes down by 1% every 10 seconds

Thirst: Goes down by 1% every 25 seconds

Energy: Goes down by 1% every 10 seconds (every 5 seconds while sprinting)

Mood Upgrades

Mood Upgrades are available at the Hospital, starting from level 0, moods cost $50 to level up by 1.

  • Level 0 > Level 1: 50$
  • Level 1 > Level 2: 125$
  • Level 2 > Level 3: 275$
  • Level 3 > Level 4: 650$
  • Level 4 > Level 5: 2750$
  • Level 5 > Level 6: 4850$

That’s all you’ll need to find the Ultimate Town Sandbox Trello – Weapons. Moods guide.

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