Bladers Rebirth Tier List Wiki – Best Traits & Auras Tips

Hi guys, Today we will talk about Bladers Rebirth Tier List, In which we will talk about Traits & Auras available in Bladers Rebirth. Before we talk about traits If you want to learn some tricks and tips check our Bladers Rebirth Beginners Guides and Bladers Rebirth Trello.

Well, Traits are randomly rolled on a part every time you buy a part booster pack from a shop, providing passive buffs when they’re equipped.

There is only a chance for your part to get a trait, it is not 100%. Traits can be upgraded via upgrading a part that has one. Which will tier up the trait alongside it. Special Move Fragments can contain traits too.

So come and take a look at Bladers Rebirth Tier List Wiki – Best Traits & Auras

Bladers Rebirth Tier List Wiki – Best Traits & Auras

Powerful – S Tier

  • Increases your blade’s attack and defense by 5%

Resistance – S Tier

  • Increases your blade’s resistance to skill damage by 20%

Training – A Tier

  • Increases your experience gain by 5%

Pierce – A Tier

  • Increases pierce damage by 1%

Range – A Tier

  • Increases the range of your skills by 10%

HeavyB Tier

  • Increases your blade’s weight by 5%

StrongB Tier

  • Increases your blade’s attack by 5%

TankyB Tier

  • Increases your blade’s defense by 5%

EnchantedC Tier

  • Increases the tier of the skill attached to this part by 1.

HealthyC Tier

  • Increases your blade’s stamina by 5%

AgileC Tier

  • Increases your blade’s speed by 10%

Since Special Move Fragments can contain traits too so let’s talk about them.

Bladers Rebirth Tier List

Special Move Fragments

If a special move does not state what it scales off of, assume it scales with your level.


As the blade spins, it harnesses the energy of motion to heal itself, repairing any damage taken. (This skill scales off Stamina)

Parts with this special:

  • Cygnus Top
  • Drako Middle


Grapple all nearby opponents making their movements restricted and their skills sealed. (This skill scales off Defence)

Parts with this special:

  • Diablos Top
  • Phoenix Middle
  • Spryzen Bottom


Your blade releases a swift upward strike, lifting opponents into the air with a forceful burst of energy,

Parts with this special:

  • Achilles Top
  • Achiles Middle
  • Dransword Middle


Your Blade’s temperature is sharply reduced causing nearby Blades to be slowed. (This skill scales off Defence)

Parts with this special:

  • Blaze Top
  • Cygnus Middle

Dragon Strike

Your blade channels draconic energy, striking with precision and the unstoppable force of a dragon’s wrath,

Parts with this special:

  • Dragoon Top
  • Valkyrie Top

Revolving Strike

Spin with such intensity that your blade becomes as sharp as a sword.

Parts with this special:

  • Zodiact

Venom Bite

Your blade injects a potent, spreadable toxin into any nearby blades. It will slowly damage the opposing Blade, completely ignoring defense.

Parts with this special:

  • Drako Top
  • Kulcan Middle
  • Kulcan Bottom

Meteor Shower

Your blade summons a cascade of celestial meteors from the sky, bombarding opponents with relentless strikes.

Parts with this special:

  • Chaos Top
  • Astral Middle

Alternate Angle

The energy field inverts, swapping 80% of both your attack and defence stats. (This skill scales off Defence)

Parts with this special:

  • Spider Middle
  • Gleipnir Middle
  • Titan Bottom

All the traits can be helpful during your journey in Bladers Rebirth, More traits are being added to the game with content updates, so keep your eyes peeled for more trait updates. Thanks for reading.

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