Divine Duality Elemental Trello & Wiki Link – Beginner Guide

Divine Duality is a fighting game developed by the Divine Duality group. In this game, you can equip two essences at once, which give you abilities from elements, concepts, and more. You can switch between your essences anytime by pressing T.

You can obtain essences, you can either find them spawning randomly around the map or summon them using shards which you get from leveling up and kills. Some special essences may be obtained through other methods, like fusing other essences.

If you’re looking for more information or help with the game, read on for all the links you need to the official Divine Duality Elemental Trello, Discord, and Wiki for the game.

Divine Duality Elemental Beginner Guide


E, R, F – Use abilities

T – Switch essence (can be reassigned in settings)

1 – Switch to essence 1

2 – Switch to essence 2

Q – Dash

Ctrl – Toggle sprint

V – View essence and skill info

G – Absorb a spawned essence and interact with NPCs

Shift – Shift lock



Divine Duality Elemental Trello

The island where all players spawn. It is a safezone and contains the shop.

There is a shopkeeper NPC who talks about the basics of the game and in the future will sell products for shards.


The main island. A windy open field with not much besides grass, trees and rocks. It has a training area.



A hot barren desert filled with nothing but sand, stone and ruins. A mysteious tower stands tall at its edge.

Somewhere within the desert, there is an NPC that can help you obtain fusions. (Temporary placement for open test)


Fusions are special essences which are only obtainable through fusing.

To obtain a fusion, you need to equip a specific combination of two compatible essences and talk to an NPC in the Desert. (you can also check the list of compatible essences by talking to the NPC)

If you meet the level requirement and have enough shards, upon talking to the NPC you will be able to fuse your essences which will replace them with the fusion and an empty slot.

Divine Duality Elemental Trello

Divine Duality Elemental Trello & Wiki Link

  • https://trello. com/b/7jyeaYMd/divine-duality

Divine Duality Elemental Trello contains a location guide, useful maps locations of important Essence spawn & summon rates, and a lot more.


Q: How can I open the shop?

A: The shop is closed because it’s not added yet

Q: Is there a level cap?

A: 1000

Q: Where can I fuse my essences?

A: When you enter the desert, go left and climb up the hill, then go right on the other side of the small wall

Q: Why did my level reset?

A: Summoning an essence, absorbing an essence, and fusing your essence resets your level. It’s completely normal in these kinds of games and allows you to restart progression and farm shards. If you don’t like it, you can buy the keep-level game pass.

Q: Does/will the game have mobile/console access?

A: Right now it’s PC only, in the future I will probably add mobile access. I don’t know about console access.

Q: Can you add m1s/blocking?

A: No. Dashing gives iframes and that is the only defense for now so learn to time your dashes

Q: Why is the game not available in my region?

A: Some countries don’t allow paying for random items in games so the game will be blocked in those countries.

Q: Can you give me free stuff?

A: No

That’s all the information you’ll need to access the Divine Duality Elemental Trello. If you’re looking for more Roblox Trello’s, we’ve got some listed below:

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