New Revengers Dream Tier List – Best to Worst Clan Ranking

Hi guys, Today we will show you Revengers Dream Tier List. The new Roblox Revengers Dream is heavily influenced by the popular Anime / Manga series Tokyo Revengers anime. In Revengers Dream, the best clans give you significant bonuses to speed up your progress, so choose them wisely

Each clan in Revengers Dream comes with its unique abilities that further boost your stats but Both uncommon and common do not have any buffs. So, to help you out, we’ve put together this Revengers Dream tier list in which we rank every clan in the game and Revengers Dream Beginner Guide which will tell you about stats, NPC, and Fighting Styles.

Revengers Dream Tier List

Revengers Dream Tier List 2024 – Best Clans

Hanagaki – S Tier

  • x1.9 Health Boost
  • x0.8 Strike Power Boost
  • Passive: x2 Health Regen <50% Health
  • Passive: x2 Damage against Blocks

Sano – S Tier

Sano is used by the infamous Toman leader, Manjiro “Invincible Mikey” Sano.

  • x1.8 Strike Power Boost
  • x1.3 Durability Boost
  •  Passive: x3 Strike Power Boost >75% Hp

Sakurajima – S Tier

Super rare clan to get via spins – used by the owner.

  • x1.4 Stamina Boost
  • x1.8 Durability Boost
  • Passive: x2 Stamina Regen <50% Hp
  • Passive: Final m1 blockbreaks >75% Hp

Kisaki – A Tier

This clan, Kisaki, is used by Tetta “Villian” Kisaki in the Tokyo Revengers manga.

  • x1.3 Stamina Boost
  • x0.9 Durability Boost

Kurokawa – A Tier

  • x1.2 Health Boost
  • x1.3 Strike Power Boost
  • x1.4 Stamina Boost

Kurokawa Skill [Clan Skill]- Skill Name: Kurokawa Skill (Counter) and You can obtained it via Skill Spinning

Kawaragi V

  • x1.2 Strike Power Boost

+Kawaragi Skill [Clan Skill] – Skill Name: Kawaragi Skill (Finisher) – Obtained via Skill Spinning

Shiba – A Tier

  • x1.7 Strike Power Boost

+Shiba Grab [Clan Skill] – Skill Name: Shiba Grab (Grab) – Obtained via Skill Spinning

Akashi – B Tier

  • x1.1 Strike Power Boost
  • x1.3 Stamina Boost
  • x1.1 Durablity Boost

Matsuno – B Tier

  • x1.3 Durability Boost

Baji – B Tier

  • x1.2 Strike Power Boost

Kokonoi – C Tier

  • x1.3 Yen Boost

Madarame – C Tier

  • x1.2 Durability Boost

Arashi – C Tier

  • x1.2 Durability Boost

Hanemiya – C Tier

  • x1.2 Strike Power Boost

Revengers Dream Beginner Guide


Revengers Dream Tier List

  • 20 Strength Stat Points = 1 Damage
  • 1 Durability Stat Points = 3.5 HP
  • 30 Speed Stat Points = 1 Walk Speed
  • 1 Stamina Stat Point = 3 Stamina

As you can see above I have x something on some stats. That’s because some clans have buffs like Sakurajima which gives the buffs you just saw.

These buffs multiply your stats. For example, in my case, it raises by x1.4. It does not multiply the damage, it multiplies the amount of stats on my strength.


Clothing Shop

  • LOCATION: Near the statue in the city.
  • TOP: White Tanktop, Black Suit Jacket, Supreme Jacket, Red Branded Jacket, Black Northface Puffer Jacket, White Puffer, Grey Northface, Blue Jacket, Light Blue Jacket with Squares, Black Shirt with Japanese Text, Formal Blue Sweater, Mai Sakurajima Jacket
  • BOTTOM: Grey Jeans, Black Pants with Red-White Shoes, Black Pants with Dirty White Shoes, Ripped Jeans, Blue Jeans, Brown Cargo Pants

Club Peps

  • LOCATION: Near the city centre and boxing gym.
  • Has 2v2 ranked at the top floor.

Hair Salon

  • LOCATION: Near the city centre.

Boxing Gym

  • LOCATION: Next to Club Peps, near city centre.
  • Has a ranked rewards NPC outside of the gym, and has a 1v1 NPC inside it which has a 50 kills requirement.

Pizza Shop

  • LOCATION: Near Club Peps, the Boxing Gym and city centre.
  • Has no use currently, but it is expected to have use in the future with a possible Hunger update.

Family Mart

  • LOCATION: Near the Karaoke, and the road connecting the town and neighbourhoods area.
  • ‌Has no current use right now, but has dummies outside of it, an ATM on the side of it.

Large Combat Test Arena

  • LOCATION: Next to the small bridge, go up the stairs.
  • ‌This is where official wars happen, and is a huge arena area. This has all of the canon gang uniforms here.


Reset Style NPC

Resets your style so you’re able to pick a new one (You’re unable to pick a different style without this) Next to the bridge connecting both, the city and neighbourhoods.

Ranked Rewards

Outside of Boxing Gym. Ranked Rewards as of now give you special emotes and are in sync with Fighters Pass Seasons.

Reroll Skills

In the alley next to the Gym, you can find this NPC. Using your skill reroll tokens, you can roll 3 different skills.


Around the map, lets you transfer, deposit and withdraw Yen. You can deposit up to 20,000 Yen.

Canon Gang Uniforms

This is at the Large Combat Test Arena, it has all of the canon gang uniforms, and a ‘Reset Character’ NPC.

‌Most Right to Most Left;

Yotsuya Kaiden, Shingen, Valhalla, Heiwa, Rokuhara Tandai, Moebius, Brahman, Toman, Tenjiku, Black Dragons

That’s all about the best clans in our Revengers Dream Clan Tier List. Now you’re done here, make sure you visit our Revengers Dream codes list for some freebies and Bleach Soulz Clan Tier List and Divine Duality Elemental Trello

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