Dragon Pow Tier List Guide – Ranking of All Dragons

Ever wondered what the best Dragons are in Dragon Pow? Well, it’s not that simple, unfortunately, In the Dragon Pow game you will see five types of dragons or you can say dragons have five elements they are fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison, and Wind dragon

You need to counter your enemies using the right elements and make use of hundreds of unique skills that appear at random. In combat, Fire and Poison deal damage to enemies over time, Wind knocks back enemies, Ice slows enemies down, while Lightning makes enemies more vulnerable to CRIT DMG.

In this article, we will show you the Dragonform Level and Materials Needed along with the Dragon Pow Tier List Guide – Ranking of All Dragons in depth.

Dragonform Level and Materials Needed in Dragon Pow

Lv 5 = 24🟒 + 10:dragonstone: + 10270g
Lv 10 = 40🟒 + 20:dragonstone: + 22580g
Lv 15 = 16πŸ”΅ + 30:dragonstone: + 36760g
Lv 20 = 24πŸ”΅ + 42:dragonstone: + 52350g
Lv 25 = 30πŸ”΅ + 62:dragonstone: + 69100g
Lv 30 = 36πŸ”΅ + 86:dragonstone: + 86850g
Lv 35 = 12🟣 + 116:dragonstone: + 105kg
Lv 40 = 24🟣 + 150:dragonstone: + 124kg
Lv 45 = 36🟣 + 190:dragonstone: + 145kg
Lv 50 = 48🟣 + 234:dragonstone: + 165kg
Lv 55 = 60🟣 + 284:dragonstone: + 187kg
Lv 60 = 16🟑 + 338:dragonstone: + 209kg + 1 scale
Lv 65 = 24🟑 + 398:dragonstone: + 231kg

Dragonform max at Level 70

The color circles above represent:
🟒 Common Legacy Stone
πŸ”΅ Rare Legacy Stone
🟣 Excellent Legacy Stone
🟑 Epic Legacy Stone

Every 6 stones can be merged into a higher grade.

Dragon Pow Tier List Guide – DPS Wise

Tier List Dragon Pow
Credit: CBT | Kazu

Dragon Pow Best Dragons Guide


Shockwing: It is a Lightning-type SSR Dragon, This dragon has 4 passives and 4 blessings in-game.

Its Thunder Strike passive is very good because After having used a Weapon for 1.2s, shoots two Lightning Projectiles at 60% Damage Factor.

The Projectiles enjoy all the Weapon damage bonuses. Every time you obtain a Weapon Bond, the number of Lightning Projectiles +1.

You can unlock Thunder Strike passive at 4-Star: Reduces the triggering interval of Lightning


Ladon Daron Pow

  • Name: Spinning Orb
  • Attack Type: Ranged
  • Identity: Former Warrior Priest
  • Rarity: SSR (Super Super Rare)
  • Element: Ice
  • Faction: The Realm of Shadows

It’s Best suited for battles with few absorbable shots and Great for one-on-one combat. The ability to launch Spinning. Its Orbs make it easy to deal Spinning Orb damage without having
to get close to enemies.

Dragon Pow UR Dragon Tier List

S Tier


A Tier


B Tier

  • ASHE
  • CLEO

C Tier

  • DIS
  • THOR

That’s it for this Dragon Pow Tier List Guide – Ranking of All Dragons Guide.

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