Blue Lock PWC Tier List Wiki – Best Characters List

Have you heard of the famous soccer battle game Blue Lock PWC is now globally released and available on Play Store? If yes, then once you start playing it you might need a Blue Lock PWC Tier List of best characters.

As a newbie to this game, you may have no clue who the best players to use in Blue Lock PWC when creating a team to participate in different soccer challenges, right? Here, we have prepared the Blue Lock PWC, helping you find out all the details about all the players you will meet in this gameplay.

Blue Lock PWC Tier List Wiki – Best Characters List

Blue Lock PWC Tier List Wiki - Best Characters List
Blue Lock PWC Tier List Wiki – Best Characters List

SS Tier:

  • Shredded leopard horse [X until this heat runs out]
  • Ryosuke Kira [Ace of Matsukaze Kuroh]
  • Jingo Raiichi [Involuntary Robbery]
  • Hachirakukai [Release from X curse]
  • Rin Itoshi [1st Anniversary Ver.]
  • Seishiro Nagi [1st Anniversary Ver.]
  • Shredded Leopard Horse [Red Leopard of Holy Night]
  • Kiyoshiichi [Evolving Vision]
  • Leonardo Luna [The Prince of Les Halles]
  • Rin Itoshi [Ruler of the Battlefield]
  • Gagamarugin [wild child]
  • Adam Blake [GG Junkie]
  • Shido Ryusei [Super Dreadnought Personal Abilities]

S+ Tier:

  • Dada Silva [Heavy Tank]
  • Pablo Cavazos [Freckles Baby]
  • Reio Mikage [absolute win]
  • Seishiro Nagi [Phantom Trap]
  • Julian Loki [prodigy]
  • Rensuke Kunigami [Aerial hand-to-hand combat]
  • Hachirakukai [Front Breakthrough]

S Tier:

  • Reio Mikage [1st Anniversary Ver.]
  • Jingo Raiichi [Man of Obsession]
  • Reio Mikage [Reproducing Talent]
  • Seishi Tokimitsu [Physical Monster]
  • Teruhide Marou [The evil way is the royal road]
  • Kiyoshiichi [main role]
  • Rin Itoshi [Life in a moment]
  • Seishiro Nagi [An impulse called curiosity]
  • Hachiraku Kai [Fantastic Foot Technique]
  • Shredded leopard horse [fastest kick]

A Tier:

  • Kaoru Mitoma [Dessession for Victory]
  • Keisuke Honda [Eternal Challenger]
  • Ariu Jubei [Special body of foul class]
  • Kenjou Zantetsu [Defense of returning honor]
  • Kazuki Futako [Ruler of Shadows]
  • Teruhide Marou [I am the King]
  • Rensuke Kunigami [Amazing left foot]
  • Kiyoshiichi [Striker]

B Tier:

  • Shredded leopard horse [hot rolling]
  • Kurimu Igarashi [A heart that doesn’t give up]
  • Gaga Marugin [Acrobatic]
  • Kaoru Mitoma [Lightning Speed]

C Tier:

  • Kiyoshiichi [First step towards destiny]

That’s it for this Blue Lock PWC Tier List Wiki – Best Characters List.

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