Eternal Piece Tier List Wiki 2024 – Best Fruit & Race

Our Eternal Piece tier list ranks all the devil fruit you can find in the game as well as the best Race in Eternal Piece. we all know that Races and Devil fruits are a major part of the Eternal Piece experience in Roblox because they make you stronger in fights especially Legendary and mythic fruits.

Fruits in Eternal Piece boost your character, whether enhanced speed, extra strength, or suped-up powers. There are a lot of fruits in the game, though, so it can be difficult to know which ones are the best to go for.

Because of this, we have compiled all the devil fruits in a handy Eternal Piece tier list which will help you know which one you should get.

In the following tier list, all legacy fruits in Eternal Piece are ranked based on how powerful they are. It will be updated when new fruits are released, or changes are made to the game. Recently developers released Update 1 where developers released a New Yoru model and Nerfed dark V damage.

Eternal Piece Tier List (1)

Eternal Piece Tier List Wiki 2024 – Best Fruit & Race

Top Tier

  • Light Fruit
  • Dark Fruit
  • Rumble Fruit
  • Ice Fruit
  • Smoke Fruit

Light Fruit

Costs 2999 Rbx or 4,500,000

1st Move: Lightning Ball (just a lightning shot)

2nd Move: Lightning Dash (like flash step) (Mastery LVL 10) (can go through walls)

3rd Move: El Thor (Big lightning beam comes down) (Mastery LVL 25)

4th Move: Lightning Storm: (Multiple clouds form causing a bunch of lightning attacks) (Mastery LVL 35)

5th Move: El Raigo (Big Ball that comes put of the air basically the ult move) (Mastery LVL 50)

Mid Tier

Magma Fruit

Flame Fruit

Gum Fruit

Bad Tier:

  • Clear Fruit
  • Candy Fruit
  • Bomb Fruit

Eternal Piece Race Tier List

  • Demon – 1% chance to get.
  • Mink – 4% chance to get.
  • Cyborg – 5% chance to get.
  • Fish – 10% chance to get.
  • Skypeian – 25% Chance to get.
  • Human – 50% chance to get.

Thatโ€™s all you need to know about Eternal Piece Tier List Wiki 2024 – Best Fruit & Race guide. You can also check the Pal Tower Defense Tier List and Visionism Tier List

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