Roblox Visionism Tier List 2024 – Best Clan & Talents

Hi guys, Clans in Roblox Roblox Visionism provides passive abilities that can easily change the course of the battle. However, only some players know which clan to choose. This Roblox Visionism Tier List and traits will help you to find the perfect clan for their characters and tell them a little about their perks.

Before we move on to the list of Visionism clans, let’s look at how clans affect a player’s gameplay. Similar to the codes, each Visionism clan provides unique advantages that can significantly improve the players’ abilities. Some clans help you learn particular  Talents and Every Clan Adepts Speed, Endurance, Strength, and StrikeSpeed.

So, clan selection becomes a key aspect to help players succeed in their Roblox: Visionism experience. You can also visit Visionism Trello for a complete guide about the game.

Roblox Visionism Tier List 2024 – Best Clan & Talents


  • Possesses Yamazaki Tattoo
  • Clan Adepts
  • Speed: 1.25
  • Endurance: 1.25
  • MuscleDensity: 1.25
  • Strength: 1.25
  • StrikeSpeed: 1.25


This clan gives a small Height boost and makes your muscle cap higher (2700).

  • Clan Adepts
  • Strength: 1.11
  • Endurance: 1.12
  • MuscleGain: 1.17


  • Gives a 1.1x height boost (unless you have the attribute)
  • You lose the given height boost upon rolling off this clan
  • Higher lean cap (200)
  • Higher muscle cap (2600)


  • Styles and Skills can be copied from them (if seong tries to copy will get more blindness than normal)
  • Has access to Street Fighting and Innate Strength (in dev)
  • Higher Lean Cap (170)
  • Clan Adepts
  • Speed: 1.12
  • Endurance: 1.08
  • MuscleDensity: 1.23
  • Strength: 1.15
  • MuscleGain: 1.07


  • It will Learn Invisible Attacks (once awakening and fighting the Elite)
  • Higher awakened speed cap (3000)
  • Clan Adepts
  • Speed: 1.13
  • StrikeSpeed: 1.15
  • Strength: 1.11
  • Endurance: 1.09


Will be able to learn Copy TALENTS (once awakening and fighting jyoung park but will have a debuff blindness each use)

  • Clan Adepts
  • Speed: 1.13
  • Endurance: 1.09
  • Strength: 1.09
  • StrikeSpeed: 1.1


  • Clan Adepts
  • Speed: 1.11
  • StrikeSpeed: 1.13

Roblox Visionism Tier List

Roblox Visionism Best Talents & Traits

There are 3 Tiers – Legendary (1%), Rare (5%), Common (94%)

  • Traits CANT stack
  • Max Talents is 2


Copy – Copy the last used skill of your opponent without drawbacks.

Flash Fighter – Your jabs have become exponentially fast. (you are able to throw 3 jabs in one use) styles other than boxing only have 2 jab rush

Nullify – Disable your opponent’s status effects.(basically disables ur opponent traits does not work on kims)

Invisible Attacks

  • You have a chance to hit your opponent twice in a single m1 (depends on the mastery)
  • You can upgrade the chance of landing an extra hit by landing it more. max level:3


  • Slugger
  • Shameful
  • Insomnia
  • Ride or Die
  • Maximum Capacity
  • Challenger
  • Glutton
  • Iron Grasp


  • Spinal Chill
  • Dwarfism
  • Heavy Handed
  • Berserker
  • Entreprenurial
  • Long Limbs
  • Coward
  • Track Star
  • Unshakeable
  • Pick Pocket
  • Rageful

And that’s all you need to know about Roblox Visionism Tier List. For more on Roblox, have a look at the Eternal Piece Tier List and Anime Roulette Guide

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