NEW Visionism Trello & Wiki – Beginner Guide

The Roblox  Visionism Trello is a helpful resource that features many guides for the game. In this article, you will find the official trello link for Visionism. This is a fighting game That is loosely based on Lookism.

Visionism Trello offers an overview of the game’s core concepts. Trello covers everything a player needs to know, from game mechanics, Clans, and Talents to boss battles, and in-game items. You’ll also find the latest update logs for the game on there.

Roblox Visionism Trello & Wiki - Beginner Guide

Visionism Trello & Wiki

  • https://trello. com/b/D9Ycpoeq/visionism

Visionism Beginner Guide


Q = Dash
W+W = Run
F = Block (Must have combat tool equipped)
F + M1 = Parry (Must have combat tool equipped)
M = Open Gamepass Shop (Keyboard Users)
L = Open Crew Menu (Keyboard Users)
V = Mount an Enemy (They must be knocked)
C = Rob an Enemy (They must be knocked)


  • Being taller increases your range but slows you down (max height spawnable 1.355)
  • Being shorter decreases your range but makes you faster
  • you can check ur height with stat checks


Potential gives unknown ranges of stat profs and gives u higher/less nonawakened caps and Is able to increase ur potential by 1 if awaken

Example: SS→SR

  • Obtainable Potentials – C- > C+ > B- > B+ > A- > A+ > S- > S+ > SS- > SS+>SR->SR>SR+
  • Unobtainable Potentials: Contributor specs – Zr- > Zr > Zr+ Limiter+


Awakening is: surpassing ur limits letting you step on another level

  • To awaken you need to reach max stats for non awakens
  • Find Jinyoung park (spawns at one of the gang bases every 30 mins a 50% chance)
  • Need -60 street cred
  • Talk with him twice and win against Gapryong Kim


  • Lean Cap 140 (170 – 173 for Kims 200-201 for kwons)
  • Muscle cap: 2500 (no clan)


  • Increases Health
  • Non awakened cap: 1400-1600
  • Awakened cap:3000


  • Increases Damage
  • Isnt capped after u awaken
  • Non awakened cap:1200-1400


  • Increases M1 Speed
  • Awakened cap: unknow (stops scaling after 1300)
  • Non awakened cap:500-700 depends on the potential


  • Increases how fast you are able to run
  • Awakened cap:2800 (3000 if kang)
  • Non awakened cap: 800-900 depends on potential

That’s all the information you’ll need to access the Visionism Trello Trello. If you’re looking for more Roblox Trello’s, we’ve got some listed below:

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