Survivor io Awakening Guide – How to Awaken Survivor

Survivor io Survivor Awakening has been released in the game, and today we will discuss the Survivor io Awakening Guide, when you can unlock it, and which survivors to awaken in Survivor io. Before we get into the details, let’s go through how to activate the Awakening feature.

The Activation Awakening feature is quite simple. To activate the Awakening feature, simply level up your survivor to 6 stars and use Survivor Awakening Cores, Survivor Shards, or Survivor Quantum Shards (obtained via salvaging Survivor Shards).

After Awakening, new skills will be unlocked for your Survivor. Upgrading your Awakening level also unlocks Teamwork passive slot combinations where you may equip other passive skills that have already been unlocked by other survivors. So with that said let’s check out complete Survivor io Awakening Guide – How to Awaken Survivor

Survivor io Awakening Guide – How to Awaken Survivor

What is Survivor Awakening?

Survivor Awakening

Survivor Awakening is a feature that boosts your Survivor’s abilities and allows you to acquire new skills. These skills can be active, passive, or teamwork-oriented, adding depth to your gameplay strategy.

What you Need for Awakening your Survivor?

To awaken a Survivor, you’ll need specific resources:

Survivor io Awakening Guide

  • 1x Awakening Core
  • 200x Survivor Shards
  • 2,400x Survivor Quantum Shards

Survivor Quantum Shards can be obtained by salvaging a Survivor once they reach six stars.

Never forget that as your Survivor advances, the prerequisites for awakening rise, which implies You will require 2, Awakening Cores, 250 Survivor Shards, and 4,500 Quantum Shards at two stars. The amount of resources needed will rise as your Survivor evolves.

How to unlock Survivor Awakening?

Your Survivor needs to get six stars in order to unlock the Survivor Awakening feature. After completing this goal, you can use the available resources to awaken your Survivor.

How to get Awakening Cores

Now You might be wondering that How to get Awakening Cores well, You can Survivor Awakening Cores from
St. Patrick’s Day Event or You can buy them directly from The Shamrock Sale. For more infromation read our Survivor io St. Patrick’s Day Event Guide that will definitely help you earn Awakening Cores

Awakening your Survivor unlocks a new outfit, enhancing their appearance. Skills obtained through awakening can significantly impact gameplay, providing advantages such as increased weapon damage or unique abilities.

That’s our guide, if you have any questions or advice about Survivor Awakening feel free to leave a comment below.

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