LUDUS Tier List aka Merge Arena Tier List (Legendary Cards)

Welcome to the Ultimate LUDUS Tier List aka Merge Arena Tier List – ranked from S to D Tier. As you probably know, there are 52 Cards available in Merge Arena. The Tier placements of card are done with only one question in mind – how probable is it that you will win or end up in the top 3 with the hero that you choose? Based on thousands of games that we played, we analyzed each Merge Arena cards and each hero power separately and placed it in a certain Tier.

Furthermore, in Merge Arena, There are 4 types of cards, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary cards each cards has different abilities to help you win the game. Some are strictly support units to buff your stronger damager dealers, they may slow the wave or disrupt your opponent’s board setup so they deal less damage.

This tier list will help you decide which units will help you climb the ladder ranking, gain more trophies, and last as long into the waves as you can.


Keep in mind that faction plays very important role becasue all the heroes are grouped into Factions and Each week one faction gets a buff and buff will cause some units to be stronger than others depending on the unit’s faction. In this article we will show you Merge Arena Legendary Cards Ranking that will help you to find out which cards are strong without the weekly buffs applied.

LUDUS Tier List aka Merge Arena Tier List

Merge Arena Tier List

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LUDUS Tier List aka Merge Arena Tier List – Best Legendary Cards Ranking

SS Tier

  1. Kitsune
  2. Lava Girl
  3. Duckwing

S Tier

  1. Angel
  2. Draco
  3. Tech Golem
  4. Snoozamander Merge Arena
  5. Snoozamander

A Tier

  1. The Griffon
  2. Treant
  3. The Gearhead
  4. Gunslinger
  5. Mako
  6. The Monkey King
  7. Mummy Warrior
  8. Boaris
  9. Evil Eye

B Tier

  1. The Paladin
  2. Lich
  3. Succubus
  4. Witch Doctor

C Tier

  1. Druid
  2. Rocky
  3. The Gambler
  4. Nightmare

D Tier

  1. Aqua
  2. Valkyrie
  3. Buddy

Top 5 Merge Arena Best Legendary Cards


Kitsune Merge Arena

Kitsune is a legendary cards from Guardians of Nature faction, She is a melee troops but her movement speed is very high. Kitsune has 2 main combat boosts

  • Her ability applies Regeneration to the allies in its area of effect.
  • She has a ability that will sets enemies on fire.

Lava Girl

Lava Girl

Kitsune is a legendary cards from Magical Order faction, She has 2 Combat boosts the first one is that Upon taking damage, the Lava Girl has a chance to set the surrounding area on fire and damaging nearby enemies and the second one is The Lava Girl starts combat with extra energy.


Duckwing Merge Arena

He is a very powerfull cards because of his ability , He hits ten enemies with rockets, each dealing 5671 dmg, then drops a bomb dealing 70l1 area dmg. hen he dies, he explodes, dealing 2544 dmg to nearby enemies. you can unlock this ability at Merge Level 3.

If I talk about Duckwing Combats boots then they are also very powerfull

  • Duckwing can duck an enemy, creating an explosion.
  • Duckwing’s ability also Stuns enemies.


Angel Merge Arena

Angle is good choice if you are in low arena and you have unlocked this card. The Angel’s wings and shining nimbus make the
enemies kneel down and pray! He brings healing, encouragement, and occasionally retribution.

Combat Boosts

  • The Angel’s attacks have a chance to apply Weakness.
  • The Angel’s ability has a chance to restore some of his allies’ energy.



Draco’s attacks have a chance to set the area around the target on fire, dealing 100%/75%/50% dmg over 3 s to enemies in the area.
He can fly away from the enemy, setting the area on fire and dealing 200%/150%/100% dmg over 3 s to enemies in the area.

If you feel I made a horrible mistake in Merge Arena Legendary cards Tier List or you have questions, please drop a comment below.

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