Merge Arena Best Decks for PvP – (Best LUDUS Decks)

Merge Arena is a game that centers around cards in a group of 5 and to progress and win you build a deck that is versatile, effective, and able to counter other decks easily. With so many cards in the game, there are numerous combinations possible, and balancing changes compel you to adapt to the meta.

In Merge Arena, There are some decks which is far superior to others because all cards have their own strengths and weaknesses and synergize differently with each other, which frequently determines their effectiveness. You can read our Merge Arena Tier List

This page contains the best Merge Arena Best Decks for Challenges, Tournaments, Ladder (Trophy pushing), and all other game modes First, here are the latest Merge Arena Best Decks deck guides at the moment. For the top Clash Royale battle decks of the current meta, please scroll down to the end.

Merge Arena Best Decks (Best LUDUS Decks)

I’ll share my favorite decks to dominate the game so you don’t have to ask for help in – deck discussion. If you don’t have these cards, be patient and one day you will be lucky!

The main observation is that – Mako, Treant and Tech golem can vary between almost all teams and replace each other. Therefore, if you see one of these tanks in the given examples, keep this in mind. 😉

Now very briefly about the specified teams:

Snoozamander team – The deck works based on control, the focus is to do damage with the help of other cards without waking up the enemy team.

Duck and Draco team – The biggest damage dealer team in the game, together with Lava Girl in the late game just melts the enemy team.

Duck or Draco team – More based on strategizing and standard roles as two tanks, support, and damage dealers can strategically and easily win a match. It’s your choice which one to use in your teams because everyone likes them differently.

As you can see, all teams revolve around several champions, but only two cards, do not change in all teams – Kitsune and Lava girl. 💪

Of course, this game is also interesting because you can find many team variations that will make your team unique and allow you to dominate the leaderboard. Don’t stop experimenting!

Merge Arena Deck List (Best LUDUS Decks)

Merge Arena Deck List Merge Arena Best Deck List Merge Arena Best Deck Merge Arena Best Deck Merge Arena Best Deck

I hope this information was useful, good luck!

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