Avatar Rogue Benders Family and Traits Tier List

Avatar Rogue Benders is a very popular Roblox game which is based on Avatar: The Last Airbender. In this game First thing you want to do is meditate on a mat until you can get your first move. You learn moves from your trainer, different trainers for different bendings. You might also want to grind out some money. Best place to grind out money is at the Fire Nation doing the Volcano quest.

You can Press M to start meditating on a mat. From there you can see your characters stats, Family name, Trait and the option to gain Chi and Wisdom. You can also reroll your Hair and Skin color, Bending, Family name and Trait. In this article we will show you Avatar Rogue Benders Family and Traits Tier List.

If you’re wondering what traits and family names do, we’d like to explain. These family names improve your characters, and there are two types of families available: common and rare. Common family names do not provide any bonuses. On the other hand, unusual family names provide specific buffs, many of which are unknown.

Similarly Traits give minor but useful buffs. Many traits in Avatar Rogue Benders are not completely understood as of right now.

Avatar Rogue Benders Family Tier List (Rare Family)

S Tier (Top Tier):

  • Gyatso – 15% Chance (Chance not specified for any specific ability)

A Tier (High Tier):

  • Hama – 15% Chance (Splits the requirements for blood bending in half)
  • Yakoda – 15% Chance (Buffs Stamina/Chi gain)

B Tier (Mid Tier):

  • 4. Tarrlok – 10% Chance (Allows blood bending anywhere, anytime)
  • Iroh – 10% Chance
  • Sozin – 5% Chance (Allows you to learn lightning strike from Ozai)
  • Ozai – 7.5% Chance (Allows you to learn lightning strike from Ozai)
  • Azulon – 5% Chance
  • Beifong – 5% Chance (Splits the requirements for lava bending in half)
  • Roku – 5% Chance

C Tier (Low Tier):

  • Vaan – 2.5% Chance

 Avatar Rogue Benders Family and Traits Tier List

Avatar Rogue Benders Traits Tier List

Top Tier (5% Chance):

  • Assassin – You can see others’ HP

Legendary Tier (10% Chance):

  • Lucky – 15% chance to get paid more after completing a quest
  • Smart – You gain wisdom at a faster rate
  • Genius – You gain energy at a faster rate
  • Deadly – 15% damage buff when the opponent is below 40% health
  • Rich – Lose less money when gripped or jailed
  • Talented – You gain vitality at a faster rate
  • Evil – 20% damage boost after you grip someone for 3 minutes
  • Peaceful – 20% health boost after you jail someone for 5 minutes

Rare Tier (20% Chance):

  • Athletic – 10% more movement speed
  • Agile – No energy loss when dodging
  • Strong – You gain durability at a faster rate
  • Fighter – 2% damage buff for each player attacking you, maxes out at 10%

Common Tier (60% Chance):

  • Unlucky – 15% Chance to get paid less after completing a quest
  • Dumb – You gain energy at a slower rate
  • Weak – 10% less M1 damage
  • Poor – 20% less coins per quest
  • Slow – 20% less movement speed

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