Survivor io St. Patrick’s Day Event Guide

Hello, Survivor io. The St. Patrick’s Day Event is currently live in Survivor io and will be active from Wednesday, March 13, 2024 9:30 PM to Tuesday, March 19, 2024 9:29 PM. During the event, you can complete missions to get the spin ticket item Shamrock to participate in the spin lottery and win Master Yang Shards and other Pet prizes.

You can enter the lottery multiple times for a chance to win Survivor Awakening Cores, Master Yang Shards, Pet Awakening Crystals, Epic Pet Choice Packs, S Grade Excellent Equipment Choice Packs, and other amazing prizes.

There are two ways to earn these rewards: first, you can buy them directly from The Shamrock Sale, and second, you can complete missions to earn Tickets and use them to spin the wheel. If you think the second option is difficult, don’t worry, we’ll help you to complete the Survivor io St. Patrick’s Day Event. Simply follow our Survivor io St. Patrick’s Day Event guide till the end.

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Survivor io St. Patrick’s Day Event Missions Guide

This event’s missions may not be the most exciting, so don’t worry! With the correct strategy, you can speed through them quickly. Here’s a guide to completing each task:

Play Main Chapter:

You do not need to win; simply enter the major chapter stages and exit immediately to meet this requirement.


Special Op Ticket: :0pepe_yes: -> peepoHappy: :Special_Op_Ticket: :0pepe_no: -> :Sadge:

Evolve Weapons:

The maximum number of evolutions is ALWAYS six per run. It counts your evolved weapons in the end.Wse_divinedestroyer::Wse_thunderboltbomb::InfernoBomb: do not get any extra evos.

It helps to choose skills that have the same passive to evolve, such as: Lightningemitter, Laserlauncher or Durian:Drones and mines are quite slow to evolve and do not benefit our work.

Chapter 17’s square map is the best important chapter for the mission. Has good XP from the start; you can easily evolve here.
Forest Mega Challenge also provides significant XP for killing the infinitely respawning corpsehounds, although it is only a 10-minute chapter.

However, it is easier to die here (so you don’t have to wait till the finish) than in Chapter 17. Epic Eq belts_armybelt is recommended here.

The gold mine is a great place to farm weapon evolutions.

Path of Trials is great for completing this mission since you get 6 evolved weapons automatically. Just go in and either play it through or die.

If you’re a free player or new to the game, give it a shot. But remember, your time is precious. The missions might be a slog, and the rewards not the greatest. Respect your time, and don’t feel obligated to grind if it’s not worth it for you.

That’s our guide we hope you liked it

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