ANIME RNG TRELLO & Wiki, Tier List & Beginner Guide

ANIME RNG is a Roblox RNG experience inspired by the Popular Sol RNG game, created by Sol’s studio. If youโ€™re looking for more information or help with the game, read on for all the links you need to the official Trello, Discord, and Wiki for the game.

The official ANIME RNG Trello is a great place to head for information on everything from Aura to Items. It lists all the Aura and Quest, Time & Biome has info on NPCs and map locations, as well as images and details of event and spawn locations, including a lot of things you may have missed.

Anime RNG Trello

ANIME RNG TRELLO & Wiki – Beginner Guide

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How To Get Luckier In Roblox Anime RNG

So you want to get luckier inside of Anime RNG so that way you can get a rare and rare avatars every single way that you can increase your luck inside the game’s release now the easiest way to temporarily increase your luck is by doing the obies

There are currently two of them and once you complete them they both give you 1 minute of blessing luck which is a 25% luck increase you can also head over to makino’s shop and buy a luck potion which gives you 100% luck for $60 second huge boost you can even talk to master

Roshi and craft yourself up a luck orb which does require a fair few things and if you make this you get a 25% luck increase there’s even a speed orb and a hybrid orb you can also get so if you do it right you can get up to 150% lock which is a massive boost

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