Monster Never Cry Tier List 2024 – Best Monster

This is a Monster Never Cry Tier List for current metqa. We rate the best 5-Star and 4-Star characters, the best Main DPS, Sub-DPS, Tank, Support, and Assassin characters, and a rating for each character.

Even though Monster Never Cry makes it possible to complete most challenges without having all the best characters, understanding where a character is placed in relation to others helps you to make important decisions.

Below you’ll find our Monster Never Cry tier list and who are the best cmonster for main DPS, Assassin, and support in the gacha game, We update this guide daily, so check out the latest changes with the Tier List.

Monster Never Cry Tier List 2024 – Best Monster

SS Tier:

  • Pariaphus (DPS)
  • Vespa (Tank/Support)
  • Octasia (Support)
  • Lilith (DPS)
  • Zenobia (Tank/DPS)
  • Synderhelden (DPS)
  • Avanzo (Tank/DPS)
  • Coronis (DPS)
  • Undine (DPS)

S Tier:

  • Dullahan (Tank/Assassin)
  • Dracula (Tank/Assassin)
  • Kukulkan (Support)
  • Reddy (Tank)
  • Shipshark (DPS)

A Tier:

  • Sarcophagurl (Tank)
  • Barend (DPS)
  • Nafitha (DPS/Support)
  • Medusa (DPS/Support)
  • Jarm (Tank)
  • Venus (Support)
  • Knightomaton (Tank)
  • Loki (Assassin)
  • Adlington (Tank)
  • Gurnius (DPS/Support)
  • Siren (Support)
  • Ivy (Support)
  • Sylph (DPS)
  • Haborym (Assassin)
  • Guardian I (Tank)

B Tier:

  • Horace (Legendary Support)
  • Frogashi (Legendary DPS/Support)
  • Sadora (Epic DPS)
  • Arachne (Epic DPS)
  • Roosterai (Epic Tank)
  • Pania (Epic Support)

Monster Never Cry Tier List

Top 5 Monster Never Cry Best Monster

Best Characters for Beginners

Octasia Hellfire Support SS

Octasia will be obtained both the 2nd and 8th day of your first week of log-in. Octasia is a member that will stay on your team from beginning to end. She is an extremely good support that you should build. Only setback is being an Abyss means getting more of her will be difficult.

Undine and Coronis

Undine and Coronis are extremely good DPS that you can get early on that often stay in teams to end game. Recommended to build them early on, especially Undine, as they will give you an upperhand on leaderboard..


One of the most versatile units in-game. Serving as both DPS and Tank, Zenobia is a heavy hitter who also revives on the battlefield. Only set-back is obtaining her is very difficult other than the first clearance of her memory casket battle.


Loki will be the first legendary character that you get for your team when you begin playing. Loki is a versatile physical DPS with great survivability in the starting stages, but not recommended for the endgame experience as he begins to die quicker than he can attack.

Guardian I

Guardian is useful as a starting tank for your team if you lack Hellfires or Adlington, recommended to replace mid-game.


The better alternative to Guardian. Adlington is a versatile DPS that shines despite being only legendary and can last in the endgame if built well. Could be replaced by Jarm or another Hellfire tank.

That’s it for this Monster Never Cry Tier List 2024 – Best Monster.

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