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Hi guys, Welcome to our Headless Knight Companion Tier List,  Here I will share my info about all the companions and rate them between the tiers of SS to C, SS being the best and C being the worst.

I will rate them based on their overall attack and survivability (This Headless Knight Companion Tier List is based on the maxed skill level for companions).

Headless Knight Companion Tier List

Headless Knight Companion Tier List

SS – Cinderella: Currently the best companion in the game, her skill increases your damage by 1500% and lowers the damage taken by 90%, she will boost both your damage and survivability, there is no reason not to use her (except farming).

S – Little Red Riding Hood: Red Hood is very likely the second-best companion, her passive skill to boost damage for 250% permanently (When she’s in the team) is game-changing. The only downside is the damage received increases by 75%.

S – Isabella: What makes Isabella so good is her Protagonist’s skills cooldown reduces passive skill, since the Protagonist is the main cause of damage, reducing the cooldown will result in even more damage, her active skills damage is also very high.

S – Nurse Bunny: You may find yourself at some point being unbalanced with your damage and survivability which means you’ll have enough damage but you’ll die too soon, Nurse will help keep you alive with her active skill.

A – Eluna: While her damage can be very useful, she also causes the normal attacks to be reflected between 5 enemies making online farming faster.

A – Quinn: Quinn is very useful for new players, her passive skill that increases combo rate is the best thing about her and she can also be used to farm quickly.

A – Talia: She can be very good against bosses with her passive skill Boss Counter, but the only reason she’s not placed as S is because there are simply better companions for that that have been mentioned above.

A – Dragon Maiden: Useful companion, she deals good damage and also has a passive skill that boosts the hit rate up to 5000, super useful when you lack hit

B – Necromancer: She deals good damage but other than that she doesn’t do anything special. She’s very useful for companion arena.

B – Time Witch: Bad damage companion but she can be used when you are farming if you lack movement speed.

B – Freezing Witch: Not very useful unless you find yourself lacking in survivability, but even still she’s not that great.

B – Demon Hunter: Her damage is pretty basic but her passive skill buffs Suppression, so if you lack it you may use her.

B – Chainsaw Man: Basic damage but she has a nice attack speed boost for the Protagonist.

C – Frost Dragon Maiden – She doesn’t do anything special except damage, and even that is pretty wack.

C – Pirate – Nothing special except 100% minion attack as a passive skill, but that isn’t useful.

C – Demon Treasure Chest – She deals no damage and her passive skill is bad, some people think using her will make you gain more chests, but there’s a daily limit that can be reached pretty easily so this makes her useless.

C – Succubus: A supportive companion that’s only good for a last stance but even then it doesn’t last long.

C – Party Songtress – Supportive companion that boosts other companions’ attack speed, some say it’s good, but in reality she’s one of the worst ones.

Keep in mind this Headless Knight Tier List is based on the companion’s skills only, it doesn’t factor in which companions to start up. The companions you should start up are with the S attack then S HP then S defense, in that order.

(This guide is based on my own experience with the game, if you find something that you disagree with and that works for you then it’s completely fine).

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