Monster Never Cry Beginner Guide – Gears, Charatcers

Monster Never Cry is now available on the Play Store and We are back with Monster Never Cry Beginner Guide Wiki. Monster Never Cry is developed by BOLTRAY GAMES.

Of course, in any game, part of the fun is the challenge, and we’re not here to take that away from you. We’ve designed this document to teach you the language of Monster Never Cry — and the faster you become fluent, the better.

We’re here to help you understand gears, units, Lordy Vault, How to gain power efficiently early-game and more — including How to upgrade Characters efficiently in a Monster Never Cry game (and you can, too).

Monster Never Cry Beginner Guide Wiki


Do counterattacks whenever available, it is the priority source of fel potions and demon Lord EXP which are both necessary.


Rank up Elite monsters to use as fodder for other upgrades requiring 5* monsters and use epic heroes to get 6* hero requirements for rank-ups.


Level up and Evolve heroes whenever possible as they boost stats considerably.

Monster level 100 unlocks their passive.

Gold Rooms

Gold room leveling is essential, this is your only source of gold.



Gear can be forged to be higher and can be found at AFK revenues and treasure hunt. Your Main DPS should have the best weapons and jewellery as they give atk. Be mindful of set stats that that can increase HP and ATK


Runes can be found in AFK revenues and can be forged to higher ranks using the forge. (I got my runes from guardian shop and you should too) They can have different skills which can be reforged.


Glyphs (unlocked at lvl 75) can be found from glyph shop

  • Recommended glyphs: spiritcalling/wrath, technique/piercing, other niche glyphs that are useful reinforcement and bloodthirst.

Magic Guides

Magic Guides (unlocked at lvl 80) can be found adamantite bazaar after after unlocking misty mines
Recommended magic guides: dps – Breath Stone, sword of oath, arcane casket (only really useful at magic device 3) | tank – earth bell, sky harp, deepsea tome.

Monster Never Cry Beginner Guide

How to gain power efficiently in Monster Never Cry?

Written by fish_san

P2P (In need of Feedback)

For a speedy early game you should buy for the Undine you get from a first purchase and try to level up her as she’s really good and she’ll carry you through most content.

Getting the overload order perk is a really good way to skip a lot of afk content to gain demon lord exp which will help you greatly on the leaderboards as getting to unlock more content (until around lvl 80 demon lord as of 7th January) which will boost your power by a lot (things like glyphs and magic guides).

Getting leaderboard spots is really useful to gain an edge from other players as they can give you extra power really easily.


There’s a lot of waiting for afk to pass through the demon lord levels so you will be behind by levels but fret not as this game is kinda f2p. You should build your duplicate units if they’re legendary or higher to get early powers which will help you push floors and other content. They will be used as food later anyway.

When you get your first duplicate hellfire try to ascend/evolve them to 3* and try to get more copies through shops (soul shop having most monsters but you need to do memory casket and buy devil cores from lucky shop, treasure hunt is also a way to get hellfire units as f2p) Doing and passing as much memory casket is your priority as they give a lot of rewards.

How to upgrade Characters in Monster Never Cry?


Use anything under hellfires as food for other characters.

Dragonic or Abyssal

5-6* – 1 extra copy + 6* of any type
6-7* –
7-8* –
8-9* – 1 extra copy + draconic/abyssal nonspecific +3 6* of any type
9-10* –
10-11* – 3 extra copy + 3 6* of any type + 6* draconic/abyssal
11-12* –
12-13* – 4 extra copies + 3 6* draconic/abyssal + 10* of any type


5-6* – 1 extra copy + specific 5* + 3 same faction unspecific 5*
6-7* – 4 same faction unspecific 5*
7-8* – 1 same faction 6* + 3 same faction unspecific 5*
8-9* –
9-10* – 2 extra copy + 9* of any type + 1 same faction 6*
10-11* – 6* copy + 9* of any type
11-12* – 6* copy + 10* of any type
12-13* – 6* copy + same faction 9* + 10* of any type


This unlocks when you get 10* the character that you own. You require a copy to first awaken it then you require the following:
50 talent pearls + 1.2m mithril → 70 talent pearls + 1.7m mithril → 120 talent pearls + 2.2m mithril → copy of character + 3.6m → 150 talent pearl + 3.4m → 220 talent pearl + 4m → 290 talent pearl + 4.6m → 360 talent pearl + m → copy of character + 7.2m →

That’s it for this Monster Never Cry Beginner Guide & Walkthrough. Be sure to check our other content and guides below:

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