Anime Roulette Guide Wiki – Quest, Items, Crafting

Do you know which Roblox game is on trend these days? As you guessed, it is none other than this Anime Roulette. This is an anime adventure. Where you can harness your luck and collect rare titles to become the top player.

There are many lucks in the game that you can obtain and Since this is a unique game with unique features, we share this Anime Roulette guide for beginners, including tips to make your way to the best.

With this guide, you can understand what you must do at the beginning of the game as a newbie and how you gradually become powerful in this game. So, read this Anime Roulette guide, and understand the gameplay and its mechanics.

Anime Roulette Guide Wiki – Quest, Items, Crafting

Ui (User interface)

Ui (User interface)

In the Ui the player will have a list of Icons to click on which can bring up different screens based on what you clicked on.


Anime Roulette Guide Wiki

When clicked on the Storage Box Icon the player will be brought to a screen with the Powers that they have acquired during their time playing the game and rolling

When exploring the page you are able to see two options for EXPAND.

The Yellow option with the $ Symbol represents the amount of cash that the player currently needs to pay in order for them to expand their storage for even more Auras/Powers. Keep in mind the more you expand with cash the more expensive the next upgrade will be.

The Green option is the same option but instead you can pay 50 Robux to expand your storage without having to pay with In-Game Cash.

Max storage is 40.


When the player clicks on the Collection icon they will be brought up to this Interface where it will display all their Currently Obtained Powers/Auras and their Rarities/Descriptions.


In this Interface the player will be met with their inventory with the Items they currently have and Max inventory is 99 of each item.


When the player clicks on the Missions Icon they will be met with the Interface that Lists all the current Quests/Missions that they are currently completing.


When the Store Icon selected the interface for the currently available Items/Gamepasses will be shown and Refer to Game passes for more information on the gamepasses available.


Items help the player out in their journey to collect auras inside the game, and certain items buff the players luck!
The Item Cap of which how much you can hold is 99


  • Increases luck by 100%(+1) for 30 seconds.

Dragon Balls

  • Increases luck by 200% for 5 minutes.
  • 1/1000 chance higher in snowy biome.
  • Has numbers 1-7
  • It can be used for crafting stuff


  • Adds 25 coins and press E to pickup

Sukuna Finger

  • Decreases rolling cooldown for 30 seconds (Does not work with skip roll)

Crafting Recipe

Dragon Radar

  • Equip this on your character to permanently increase your luck as long as it’s equipped.

Fusion SSJ4

  • Obtain the SSJ4 Fusion title.

Za Warudo Over Heaven

  • If you have Za Warudo, use this to upgrade your title to Over Heaven.

Requiem Arrow

  • This Arrow is said to bring out a stand to its full potential….

Dragon Slayer

  • Obtain Gut’s Sword


  • Equip this on your character to permanently increase your luck as long as it’s equipped.

Ninja Scroll

  • Boost the users luck for 5 minutes.


  • Obtain the Nimbus Title.

You can quickly progress in this gameplay with the above Anime Roulette beginner guides, tricks, and strategies. For more on Roblox, have a look at the Eternal Piece Tier List, Bleach Soulz Clan Tier List, and Visionism Tier List

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