Fortias Saga Tier List & Best Build Guide for Heroes

Fortias Saga Action Adventure is an exciting RPG game where you have to fight against monsters and elite bosses. You can choose heroes to fight with these bosses and In Fortias Saga there are around 90+ heroes available.

So choosing the right heroes is very important if you want to win also. equipment sub stats are very important To help you figure it out, we’ve made a Fortias Saga Tier List & Best Build Guide for Heroes, where we categorize all the characters and talk about the Best Build Guide for Heroes

Below you can find the complete Fortias Saga Tier List of Best SR heroes.

Fortias Saga Tier List & Best Build Guide for Heroes

Fortias Saga Tier List

Hero: Gale

hero: Gale

This tank is crazy good because of its skillset, surviving teammates give him extra attack speed, every 4th attack(at max upgrade) activates damage + silence debuff skill, and every attack has a chance to 1 shoot enemies (except the boss, which deals 5% of boss hp) and the chance increases based on how much hp he has.

Active skill deals true damage (ignores armor) based on his hp as well. Very easy to build equipment and the skillset is very good. IMO top 1 tank

Best equipment build:

  • As much hp and attack speed as possible
  • Lifesteal is semi-decent but I don’t know how effective it will be in sustain
  • Armor and magic res not bad but not as good as HP since HP directly buffs skills and tackiness
  • Cooldown reduction decent
  • Attack/crits worst

Some general guidelines for building equipment sub-stats

Different heroes’ skills scale off different stats, some heroes’ skills scale off attack, some scale off hp, and some scale off magic res, there is no useless stat! It’s OK not to have perfect equipment, even 2/4 good sub stat is great to use!

Cooldown reduction and Attack speed are generally good for most heroes
Crit chance is only good on heroes with high damage output, crit damage is the worst stat if you have no crit chance


+prioritise whatever hero skill scales off first, then other tank stats(hp/armor/magic res), I suggest a good mix to make the hero very tanky.
~lifesteal acceptable
-The worst stat for the tank is crit

Damage dealer:

+Prioritise whatever hero skill scales off
~atk speed, crit, and skill cooldown reduction are great options to have
~~HP decent for improved survivability
-armor, magic res not as versatile as HP, not as good UNLESS hero skill scales off this stat.

I hope Fortias Saga Tier List & Best Build Guide for Heroes here helps you. If you have any further questions please post a comment below an I will be happy to reply.

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