Anime Switch Traits Guide and Best Trait Ranking

Hi guys, Anime Switch has gained a lot of popularity since its release, and many people are looking for an Anime Switch Traits Guide. We’re here with a guide that will help you find the best traits for units.

Choosing the right unit in Anime Switch is very important so here we recommend you take a look at our Anime Switch Tier list of best units and below you will find the Anime Switch Traits Tier List.

Anime Switch Traits Guide

Anime Switch Traits are the most important thing in this game because Traits give the unit a boost of ability and strength. Some traits help you to recover health when your opponent gives you damage.

Anime Switch Traits Guide

There is a Trait Reroller NPC in the game, From which you can buy Token and you will use those tokens to spin for special traits. 1 Tokens cost 100 Robux, 5 Tokens – 499 Robux, 25 Tokens – 2,400 Robux, 50 Tokens, 4,500 Robux, and 100 Tokens – 8,999 Robux.

Note: You can get a Trait Token From Gadget Gacha in Summon.

Anime Switch Traits Guide & Best Trait Tier List

If you Don’t know every trait in the Anime Switch, or even what they do? you can find every trait list below and how to make your units power full.

Anime Switch Traits List


Hero is the best trait in the game but it’s hard to get. This trait has a Chance of 0.1% to get and It Adds +5 ability, strength, and utility stats to your units and then increases them by 50%.


Vampire is the game’s second-best trait and has a Chance of 0.1%. It helps your units to gain health back when damaging enemies.


Godspeed comes at no 3 in our Trait Tier List and It Lowered dash cooldown by 20%. and makes units dash and run speed faster. There is only a 1% chance of getting this trait.


This trait is Good but not better than the first 3 traits, It Increased drop chances and exp gain while this switch is active.


It Increases the critical chance of units, this is a common trait that means you have a high chance that you will have this trait most of the time from summon.


It lowered the dash cooldown.


Awakening Bar decreases slower while awakened.

More traits are being added to the Anime Switch with content updates. Thanks for reading

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