Samurai Parallel Trello & Beginner Guide for New Players

Looking for Samurai Parallel Trello & Beginner Guide? Do not worry, we will guide you. Samurai Parallel is a Roblox game owned by Pyramid Studios. In Samurai Parallel you will explore the lands facing different enemies along your way, in a fast-paced Sekiro-Style Combat.

The game is currently in active development and continues to grow larger every day. Since its release on 4/14/2024, it has received more than 1 Million visits on Roblox. So with our wasting any time Let’s check out Samurai Parallel Trello & Beginner Guide for New Players.

Samurai Parallel Trello


Samurai Parallel Trello

Samurai Parallel Beginner Guide


User Interface

  • Main Menu: M
  • Hide Hud: RightAlt
  • Mission Finder: Tab
  • Hide all GUIs: 0
  • Open Player List: ~ (thats ur tilde key, usually above ur tab key)

Core Movement/Combat

  • Sneak: X
  • Black: F
  • Deathblow/Execution/Stealthkill: C
  • Enchantment Toggle: V


  • Primary Weapon Equip: E
  • Bandage Equip: 1
  • Equipment 1 Equip: 2
  • Equipment 2 Equip: 3


Clans, unlike factions are entirely player-made. Clan’s can act as sub factions inside of the main three, or they can be stand-alone organizations.

As of now the clan system is not fully added, however it is said that in the future you will be able to use funds to build your own compounds, dojos, and much more!

Ranked PVP

A large feature of Samurai Parallel is its PVP combat system, whether fighting with other players in the open world, or in organized ranked matches alike.

Fighting in ranked 1v1 matches can yield you EXP, MON, as well as multiple opportunities for rare and powerful items.

Each ranked fight consists of a first to 3 1v1 style, first to knock the other player will take the win for that round, however more variety for ranked matches is planned for the future!



  • Each stat correlates to a different statistic boost in your combat.
  • Health: Overall hit points
  • God Energy: Overall mana points
  • Stamina: Overall stamina points
  • Agility: Currently no direct advantage
  • Bladesmenship: Outgoing sword damage
  • Feather Falling: Resistance to fall damage
  • Defenses are self explanatory.
  • All players gain 1 stat points to allocate per level.

Certain races can change the allocation rate per stat point. For example one stat into health for a human will be a full 1, however, one stat into health for a moon rabbit who naturally has 80, will count as 0.8 of a point.


Bounties can be obtained by killing other players. When you have a bounty, if picked up by another player you will not have access to the “Give up” option as they may be transporting you to the prison.

Bounty symbol will be shown on the bottom left of your gui when obtained.

Bounty Board

  • Bounty Boards can be found around the map displaying users with bounties, the value, and the quest to bring them to the Asakura Castle.

Morino Nobuo

  • Morino Nobuo is a corrupt highlander who will remove your wanted status for a price. He is located in Ochinai Village.

How to turn in a wanted player.

If the wanted player’s bounty is high enough when you kill them they will be jailed.

That was everything you need to know about Samurai Parallel Trello & Beginner Guide for New Players. For more, be sure to check out our other guides: Mini Survial Recipes and Roblox Over Lock Guide

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