Slime Castle Idle Td Guide Wiki – Best Builds & Codes

Slime Castle Idle TD is a popular RPG game developed by Azur Interactive Games Limited. This article will show you the Slime Castle Idle Td Guide since it is an idle tower defense game, You can create builds to farm gold coins and use the best slimes in this game to fight with monsters.

There are so many Equipment and every equipment has some effects and these will help you in battles. Now many players ask for Slime Castle Idle Td Codes or if there is any codes redemption system in-game. Currently, there is a Redeem Code option in the game and you can not redeem any codes in Slime Castle Idle Td.

I hope you have the answer about codes, Now let’s check out below all the guides and Builds of Slime Castle Idle Td. This guide was created for the game Slime Castle: by Kollans

Slime Castle Idle Td Guide

Slime Castle Idle Td Guide Wiki – Best Builds & Skills

If you have the opportunity to purchase the “No Ads” and/or “Speed x5” bonuses – do so. They will greatly speed up your progress in the game.

Initially, only level up your attack and health so that you can clear Chapter 1. Once you achieve these successes, focus on “Gold per wave/kill 100 enemies/boss” (they should be unlocked by now). Upgrade to the maximum.

After a couple of hours, the “Newbie Event” will appear. I strongly recommend completing as many tasks as possible. You will receive many useful rewards, including the “Willer” slime.

Slime “Willer” enables you the most efficient gold farming in the early game.

I recommend buying the “Ysabelle” slime for 5,000 gems. She is good for pushing chapters in general and effective Endgame Farming.

Level up attack and health in a 2:3 ratio (Up to Ch. 7). Open/level up other talents as much as possible.

Priority talents: Attack Speed, Critical Chance, Critical Multiplier, Attack Range, Double Attack Change, Double Attack Damage Percent, Knock Back Chance, Dead Hit, Damage Resistance, Dodge Chance, Status Resistance, Life Steal.

Level up talents until you can completely clear the stage without additional clicks -> Level up talents -> Check every 5 runs if you can progress more for more rewards from idle etc.

In this way, in a couple of days, you will be able to reach Chapter 6. Then it’s all the same.

Once you reach Chapter 7 and your gold talents are maxed, Willer will not be as effective anymore for gold farming but high DPS slimes (like Wynne or Ysabelle) will give you a higher gold/min gain instead.

Slime Castle Idle Td Builds Guide

Good setup for farming gold coins:

Slime Castle Idle Td Guide

Make sure to use the “Willer” slime.
Accessory – Ring of Scorchlight.
Becomes less effective after chapter 6.
You can change your weapon, headgear, and armor to any others.

  • Alternative accessory – Sellsword’s Talisman.
  • Alternative in case you don’t have unique items.
  • All items are better at the mythical level.

Good build for maximum defense:

Slime Castle Idle Td Guide

Use the “Yamilet” slime.
• Accessory – Hunter’s Talisman.
• Alternative head – Sellsword’s Helmet.
• Alternative armor – Assassin’s Cloak.
• Alternative in case you don’t have unique items.
• All items are better at the mythical level.

Good build for maximum chapter clearing speed:

Slime Castle Idle Td Guide

• Slime “Wynne”, alternative “Ysabelle”.
• Accessory – Archer’s Bracelet.
• Use Archer’s Bow if you don’t have stalling.
• Alternative head – Barbarian’s Horned Helmet.
• Alternative armor – Barbarian’s Armor.
• Alternative in case you don’t have unique items.
• All items are better at the mythical level.

General advice for players

1. Spend your gems thoughtfully. They are hard to earn, but easy to spend.
2. Manually save your progress in the cloud (game settings) from time to time to avoid losing data.
3. For newcomers – be sure to try to complete the “Newbie Event” to the maximum.
4. Don’t try to buy all the slimes, especially if you are playing for free.
5. Try not to miss days of logging into the game, as they give good rewards, including gems.
6. It doesn’t make sense to level up other slimes and equipment if you’re not using them.
7. If you can’t progress beyond Chapter 3, I advise you to farm Chapter 1. If you can’t progress beyond Chapter 5, clear Chapter 3. If you can’t progress beyond Chapter 8, clear Chapter 6.
8. At the final levels of the mini-game “Mine”, break the pink blocks with a pickaxe to receive a decent amount of gems.

The availability of general advice will be updated more frequently as it comes in.

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