Whiteout Survival Bear Trap Guide – Heroes & Troop formation

Welcome to the comprehensive Whiteout Survival Bear Trap Guide on bear hunting traps, meticulously crafted by renowned hunters King and Zilee. This Whiteout Survival Bear Trap Guide is designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge, practical tips, and expert advice to enhance your bear hunting experience.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned chef, this guide will equip you with the necessary hero’s and troops formation to successfully damage bears.

Whiteout Survival Bear Trap Guide

Whiteout Survival Bear Trap Guide

Rally Heroes and Troop Formations for each Hero Gen

Gen 1

– Jeronimo, Molly,  Bahiti

Troop Formation: 3/3/4

(In most cases, you will have the best stats on Infantry due to Jeronimo’s raw stats, so using equal formation with slightly more marksmen troops works the best)

Alternative Gen1 Rally
– Natalia Molly Bahiti
– Troop Formation: 2/4/4
(Mainly for people that didn’t go for Jeronimo yet, and giving an opportunity to use Jero for joining rallies)

F2P Gen1 Rally
– Sergey Molly Bahiti
– Troop Formation: 3/3/4
(for f2p, recommended is to always use the best 3 heroes you have for calling rallies, in Gen1 it’s Sergey Molly Bahiti)

– Jeronimo Philly Alonso
– Troop Formation:2/3/5
(Alonso will boost damage a lot due to his widget, From Gen2 and up, infantry hero will always be either Jero or Natalia because they are only infantry heroes with rally widgets, and since you will be focusing on having more Marksman troops, point is to boost their damage with Infantry hero’s widget, not watching Infantry stats because you won’t send much infantry troops anyways)

Alternative Gen2 Rally
– Natalia Molly Alonso/Bahiti
Troop Formation: 2/3/5
(Use Natalia in Gen2+ only if Jeronimo isn’t maxed stars + widget level, also giving room to use Jero as a joiner)

F2P Gen2 Rally
– Flint Molly Bahiti
– Troop Formation: 3/3/4
(Still no f2p hero with rally widget, so again equal formation with slightly more Marksman troops since Marksman stats will be lowest due to having SR Marksman hero = lower stats than Infantry and Lancer)

# Gen3
– Natalia Mia Alonso
– Troop Formation: 1/2/7
(Natalia performed better than Jeronimo in this Hero Generation, having 2 Lethality widgets and 1 Attack widget did much better than 1 Lethality and 2 Attack widgets)

Alternative Gen3 Rally
– Jeronimo Mia Alonso
– Troop Formation: 2/3/5
(if you don’t have Maxed Natalia’s stars and Widgets, better use Jeronimo)

F2P Gen3 Rally
– Flint Mia Bahiti
– Troop Formation: 2/4/4
(in Gen3 F2p will get your first hero with the rally widget, so it’s a perfect time to try new formations, using the same amount of Marksman and Lancer troops because Mia will improve Marksman troops a lot, but stats will still be lowest for Marksman due to having SR Marksman hero if you unlocked FC 3 Lancers, their FC skill will do great with stats you get from Mia)

– Jeronimo Reina Alonso
– Troop Formation: 1/3/6
(Again, 2x Lethality and 1x Attack widget, 30% Lancer troops will do great with Reina’s 3rd skill, especially if Lancers are FC 5 (better FC skill))

Alternative Gen4 Rally
– Natalia/Jeronimo Mia Lynn
– Troop Formation: 1/1/8
(Using Natalia if she has better star and widget level, but in this situation you will want to force as much Marksman troops as you can, especially if they are FC5, and, with a bit of luck, Lynn’s 3rd skill will do the work for you)

F2P Gen4 Rally
– Flint Mia Lynn
– Troop Formation: 1/1/8
(Same as in last situation, Lynn’s 3rd skill works best if you focus on heavy Marksman formation)

– Jeronimo Reina Gwen
– Troop Formation: 1/3/6
(in Gen5, you can finally retire Alonso, because Gwen has same widget but better stats and much better hero skills. Heavy marksman formation works great with her)

Alternative Gen5 Rally
– Hector Mia Gwen
– Troop Formation: 1/1/8
(Even tho Hector is a defender type Infantry hero, he has 2 damage skills that work for Marksman troops, which gives great damage if you focus on heavy Marksman formation.)

F2P Gen5 Rally
– Hector Mia Lynn
– Troop Formation: 1/1/8
(Hector will finally replace Flint in every situation, so also in Bear Trap. you can use 20% Infantry heroes that can deal good damage with Hector’s 2nd Skill, same skill is the reason why you will want to focus heavy on Marksman troops again, and, don’t worry, you don’t need much Lancer troops because Mia’s (unlike Reina’s, Norah’s, Renee’s and Gordon’s) skills will work the same what ever amount of Lancer troops you have)

– Jeronimo Reina Wayne
– Troop Formation: 1/3/6
(Even tho Wayne doesn’t have rally widget, he will do better than any other Marksman hero due to his “Crit Rate” skill)

Alternative Gen6 Rally
– Jeronimo Mia Wayne
– Troop Formation: 1/1/8
(Mia’s skills can do great when she is together with Wayne, with a bit of luck, damage can be even better than with Reina, but damage won’t be constant… Again, Mia’s skills will work the same what ever amount of Lancer troops you have so no need to worry about having low amount of Lancer troops in the formation)

F2P Gen6 Rally
– Hector Renee Lynn
– Troop Formation: 1/2/7
(Due to Renee’s skills, you’ll need 20% Lancers in your rally otherwise Renee won’t improve your damage much)

– Jeronimo Mia Bradley
– Troop Formation: 1/1/8
(Bradley is latest gen hero you will have highest stats for Marksman troops (comparing to Gen1 (260%) Jero and Gen3 Mia (290%)), so improving Marksman attack with Jero and Mia would greately increase Marksmen troops damage in the rally, especially since Mia is only rally lancer hero that has all 3 skills that work what ever amount of lancer troops you have in the rally)

Alternate Gen7 Rally
– Jeronimo Reina Wayne
– Troop Formation: 1/3/6
(This alternative rally comp will allow you to use Bradley and Mia to join other people’s rallies… Damage in your rally won’t be consistent like with main comp but will still be high)

F2P Gen7 Rally
– Hector Mia Bradley
– Troop Formation: 1/1/8
(Bradley will give you highest stats from this comp, while Mia will boost Marksman Attack even higher. Hector and Mia have skills that affect marksman troops’ damage so this is one of best comp for f2p for maximising your damage)

– Jeronimo Mia Bradley
– Troop Formation: 1/1/8
(Sonya has skills that works only for Lancer troops, so she won’t be ideal lancer hero for bear trap. Hendrik has mostly defensive skills so he isn’t suitable for calling rally either)

Alternative Gen8 Rally
– Jeronimo Sonya Bradley
– Troop Formation: 1/3/6
(If your Mia isn’t maxed, then use Sonya with 30% Lancers for her skills to have an impact)

F2p Gen8 Rally
– Hector Mia Bradley
– Troop Formation: 1/1/8
(Hector is still much better than the newest gen hero for Bear Trap rally)

Joiner Heroes Tier List

Credit: King & Zilee

# Bear Trap joiner heroes

  • S Tier: Jessie, Jasser, Jeronimo, Seo-yoon, Bradley, Wayne, Lynn
  • A Tier: Mia, Gwen, Greg, Reina, Flint
  • B: Renee, Gordon, Norah, Philly, Logan
  • C: Patrick, Wu Ming, Edith, Bahiti, Sergey, Walis, Hector, Ahmose
  • D: Smith, Charlie, Eugene, Molly, Gina, Alonso, Natalia, Zinman, Cloris

S Tier are heroes that will greatly increase the damage done in the rally **
– Jessie, Jasser, and Jeronimo are standards for every situation where you want to increase your Lethality, which is the best source of damage for bear trap
– Seo-yoon and Bradley are boosting your Attack stat, which is second source of damage for bear trap
– Lynn’s skill works like 2x Jessie skills everytime it triggers, but since has a chance-trigger skill, she won’t be stacking with other Lynns that join the same rally, so you need to be careful.
– Wayne is great joiner hero, especially for heavy Marksman formations to make them hit twice, which can greately improve the damage.

A Tier are heroes that will increase the damage done, but may vary on RNG or aren’t as great as S Tier heroes and Prioritize Mia and Gwen over others from this tier.

 B Tier heroes improve way less damage than A and S tier, but it’s still an improvement. It’s your choice if you wanna leave them in the rally or kick to get a hero from the A or S tier. These heroes are having half damage skill or a lower chance to trigger than heroes from A Tier.

C Tier heroes are similar to D Tier heroes, they are good joiners for other PvP events, such as Sunfire Castle, and Foundry. You’ll get minimal improvement in the damage from these heroes, so my suggestion is to avoid leaving them in your rally.

D Tier heroes are an instant kick, they will do worse than good **

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