Last War Survival Building Guide – HQ Requirements, Levels

Hi guys, Finally we are back with the Last War Survival Building Guide, Today we will talk about Last War Survival Building Codes, HQ costs, timing and requirements for Building upgrades and how to upgrade the Last War Survival Headquarters to higher levels.

The headquarters is the most essential building in the game. The headquarters provides similar functions to Town Halls in other games and as you level it up higher, you unlock more buildings to create, and you can upgrade existing buildings higher.

There are skins available that give you bonus statistics toward your base, however, they are paid and very expensive. So come and take a look at this Last War Survival Building Guide – Costs, Upgrade Requirements Guide

Last War Survival Building Guide – Costs, Upgrade Requirements

Here is the Prerequisites For Unlocking Headquarters Levels, HQ costs, timing, and requirements for upgrades

Last War Survival Building Guide

Last War Survival Building Guide – Costs, Upgrade Requirements


The barracks is used to create and promote your troops. Once a player unlocks the barracks, only one should be upgraded at a time to be efficient with your resources. Promoting your troops will allow you to bring your troops from a lower level to the highest level your barracks will allow for.

Promoting troops becomes strong the second you unlock it, as it allows you to train level one troops and upgrade them, resulting in using less resources & time.


The hospital is used to heal your troops after a fight. It is important that once a player unlocks the second and third hospital, only the first hospital needs to be upgraded or else you will waste more resources, causing you to be inefficient. If an enemy is strong enough, they may kill and/or injure your troops.

The hospital cannot bring back dead troops, though it will heal medical troops. An efficient way in time to heal your troops is to only select an number of troops that can be healed in 25 minutes or less, as it allows your alliance to assist you and make the time go down to a near instant heal.

If you spam heal correctly, the time it takes to heal your troops goes down to 25% of the time it would have taken you if you healed them all at the same time

Drill Ground

The drill ground is the building where your troops live. The drill ground’s maximum level will scale with your headquarters level. The drill ground is where your most power comes from, as your troops greatly determine your power level.

A key piece of information to accumulate as much power as possible (The game’s objective) is to constantly max out your drill ground and build more when possible. You unlock the second drill ground at level 16, and the third one at level 21.


The garages are what house your heroes. It gives your heroes additional power and troops to carry with them. The game will assign you one garage at the start, and you can unlock more progressively for a maximum of three.

A fourth one can also be obtained through the monthly pass. A player should only upgrade Garage 1, as most of your efforts in the game will be focused on them. It is only recommended to upgrade Garage 2 if you need it for low-cost Arms Race points or you feel as if it is being left behind too far.

Tech Center

The tech Center is a crucial part of the game to compete with other players. It is most featured in the “required upgrades” section when attempting to upgrade your headquarters, for good reason. The Tech Center will allow you to upgrade certain statistics about your base, such as heroes, troops, garages, and more.

This turns resource into more power & stats for everything. Once you hit level 16, you will receive an option to buy a second tech center. This is highly recommended.

Gear Factory

The gear factory will allow you to create or dismantle gear for your heroes. You can create any type of gear currently existing in the game and you can also do the same for dismantling. The gear factory also allows a player to merge their gear components to craft the Dielectric Ceramic component, which allows you to create a legendary piece of gear.

It is not recommended to create or level up rare, Super Rare, or Super Super Rare pieces of gear. Once a player has at least all Super Super Rare (SSR) gear on their first squad heroes, it is recommended to dismantle any more you get to contribute toward more legendary gear.

On average if you paid for the gear, it would cost you about $50 USD (Excluding certain packs). DO NOT upgrade this past level 10, as you will be wasting resources and it will NOT provide you with anything.

Component Factory

The component factory will produce boxes Drone Component chests. The drone component is used for the Drone Center to provide further upgrades on your drone. Once built, the component factory will not be able to be upgraded.

Tank Center

The tank center is a critical building in the game, significantly enhancing your tank heroes’ statistics. At the current writing of this document, cerealman’s tank center was contributing 32,600 overall power, 61 command of each tank hero, 16,000 tank hp, and 482 additional tank attack.

If the tank center applied to only one hero, it would still give a player more stats (NOT POWER) than two pieces of legendary equipment. Since the tank center applies to all tanks, it gives value of more than 10 pieces of legendary equipment. This building must be maxed out as soon as possible every time you upgrade your HQ.

Aircraft Center

The aircraft center does what the tank center does, but for aircraft type heroes. In the beginning, it is not important to upgrade the building as it provides no bonuses for the lineup you should be running.

However, when DVA and Carlie come out, it will be as important to upgrade as the tank center due to the bonus statistics it provides those heroes.

Missile Center

Similar to the two buildings listed above, the missile center increases the statistics of missile type heroes. In the beginning and middle of the game, it is not an important building to upgrade since it provides no bonuses to your heroes.

At the time of writing this, the hero Tesla will be released in 15 days. Until then, do NOT level up this building unless it is for free Arms Race points.

Resource Centers

Food, iron, and smelter centers are buildings which generate that type of resource. The resources they produce are not good and upgrading them will cause you to be less efficient on resources. The training base is the building which produces hero xp. From experience, the training base

buildings provide good xp for the resources you use and are efficient to upgrade. Lastly, the resource protection centers should NEVER be upgraded unless it is a low resource cost and will give you free arms race points.

Doomsday Domination

This building serves no purpose other than to tell you the future server events. The building cannot be upgraded. After you click on it, a screen will pop up with a day number on the left-hand side, and an event on the right-hand side.

If you read the event, such as “City Clash I” and you find correlate the day on the left-hand side of it, you will notice the City Clash event comes out on Day 5. The day count is X number of days since the server released, not days until the event.

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