Last War Survival Alliance Duel Guide – Use Valor Badge

Hey everyone! Today, we’re diving into an overview of the Last War Survival Alliance Duel Guide and Alliance League. Alliance Duel is a weekly event running Monday through Saturday. During the event, you need to complete themed tasks to compete for victory as the superior alliance, while earning some awesome rewards along the way.

Last War Survival Alliance Duel Guide

How to Earn & Use valor badge in Last War

You can earn: Valor Badges (for advanced researching), Diamonds (to purchase valuable items), resources (which are used for training, building, and researching), Hero shards (to level up the tier of your strongest heroes), Drone Components (to enhance the combat capabilities of your tactical Drone), and Upgrade Ores (to enhance your heroes’ combat power).

Also, let’s not forget about the “Tactical Master Supply Box.” When opened, you could be lucky enough to win 10 thousand diamonds, a legendary decoration, Ultra Rare Hero Shards, and other great rewards. Unfortunately, not everyone can participate in Alliance Duel.

How Can My Alliance Enter Alliance Duel?

Make sure your members have, or exceed, a level 10 HQ. Then your Alliance needs to have 20+ members and be ranked among the top 32 Alliances in your server for eligibility Once your alliance is eligible to participate in Alliance Duel.

Last War Survival Alliance Duel Progress

There are 4 important things you should know:

One: the first 5 minutes after the daily server reset time counts as the Preparation Period for the next theme of the day. That means no duel points will be earned during those 5 minutes.

Two: During the event, Daily Duel Themes require specific actions for points, such as: researching, building, training troops, and killing enemy units. Right before server reset, the Alliance with the highest points wins the theme of the day.

Three: During Day 6 of “Alliance Duel,” themed “Enemy Buster,” Alliance Assaults are activated. Players can invade and fight in the rival Alliance’s server or defend their own server. So make sure you are prepared for sudden attacks or you’re prepared to fight for victory.

Four: At the end of the day, the Alliance with the top score wins and members can earn extra rewards based on leaderboard rankings.

Last War Survival Alliance Duel Guide

The day before the duel event we try not to grow our base power so we have a better chance of getting a lower-level opponent. If you level up buildings/ resources in your base do not click the present/ collect until after our opponent has been set (save for Day 2 for points)

  • Do not collect trained troops or healed troops until after the opponent has been set
  • Do not collect finished research

Always try and save the collection until it matches up with the arms race to gain more points and rewards

Drop Power

  • Remove drone components
  • Remove decorations
  • Remove hero gear

Try and match anything you do with Arms Race times to get double points and rewards.

Day 1 – Radar Training

  • Hero EXP (save all EXP during the week for this day)
  • Radar Tasks (save up before event)
  • Gather Resources (start gathering high lvl resources around the centre of the map before Day 1 begins so you don’t need to wait 10hrs to get points)
  • Use Drone parts (only use drone parts on this day. Save up as you only us these every 5th upgrade)
  • Use Drone Data
  • Use Stamina

At the end of Day 1 start long tech research ready for Day 3, if you do not have Max Alliance Duel Tech focus on that.
Start loading up troops in your hospital so you can heal on Day 4

Day 2 – Base Expansion

  • Legendary Trade Trucks
  • Legendary Secret Tasks
  • Construction Speed-ups
  • Building Power Increase (you can start building early but don’t collect until this day)

For higher level players at the end of Day 2 start very long builds (4+ days) to be ready for Day 5 or next week Day 2

Day 3 – Age of Science

  • Upgrade Drone components
  • Radar Tasks (save up during day 2)
  • Use Valor Badges (these are used for advanced tech research)
  • Research Speed-ups
  • Increase Tech Power

At the end of Day 3 start long tech research ready for Day 5

Day 4 – Train Hero’s

  • Legendary Hero shards
  • Epic Hero shards
  • Elite Recruit
  • Rare Hero shards
  • Use Skill Medal

Hero EXP (you shouldn’t have to use this to get your reward boxes, best to save and use on Day 1)

Save all of these every week until this day. But you can use some during arms race to get all boxes rewards if required. Save Radar for tomorrow

Day 5 – Total Mobilization

  • Radar Tasks (save up during day 4)
  • Troop Training Speed-ups
  • Research Speed-ups
  • Construction Speed-ups
  • Increase Building Power
  • Increase Tech Power
  • Train Troops (high level troops get more points)

If you can wait do not collect presents once the build is complete until next week Day 2

Day 6 – Enemy Buster

  • Units Killed from Rival Alliance (higher level gets higher points)
  • Every Unit Killed (higher level gets higher points)
  • Every Unit Lost (higher level gets higher points)
  • Troop Healing Speed-ups (once the battle is over do not collect troops in hospital until the start of Day 1
  • Duel and our opponent has been picked)
  • Troop Training Speed-ups
  • Legendary Trade Trucks
  • Legendary Secret Tasks
  • Research Speed-ups
  • Construction Speed-ups

If you can wait do not collect presents once the build is complete until next week Day 2.

Thank you for reading this Last War Survival Alliance Duel Guide! I hope you’re prepared for Alliance Duel and get a head start for Day 1. You can also check out the Demon Piece Fruit Tier List, Last War Survival Building Guide, Last War Survival Best Team, Jujutsu Legends Phantom Siege Tier List, Last War Drone Skill Chip Guide, and Last War Survival Tier List

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