Last War Survival Best Team List and Line Ups & Squads

In this Last War Survival Best Team & Squad Formation Guides, we offer information about the basics of team building and examples of pre-made teams.

If you don’t see your preferred character in any team, it doesn’t mean they’re not viable; in that case, just refer to our Last War Survival Tier List page to see what place they have in teams.

Before we show you the team list, First let’s check out some Team Composition Tips for good Squad Formation.

Last War Survival Best Team

Team Composition

First, for every squad, put 2 Defenders (shield icons) in the front row and 3 Attackers in the back row. This is due to the mechanics of battle.

Every character has an auto attack aka basic attack, a fatal skill, an upgradable passive, and a 4-star passive.

  • What makes an attacker good in their role is a fatal skill that deals damage (even better if it has a secondary effect like targeting the back row or causing buff/debuff) and a damage-boosting passive. Read Stetmann’s skills to see why he is currently one of the best attackers to have (this is not an endorsement to purchase him).
  • What makes a defender good in their role is a fatal skill and passive that increases their own or the whole team’s survivability. Read Carlie’s skills to see why she’s such a great defender (not the best because she is niche but still great).

In the case of Carlie, it’s not just her skills, but it’s also because she is Aircraft (and most players use tanks). The aircraft faction receives only 80% damage from the Tank Faction. In the same Rock/Paper/Scissors mechanics of the game, the Tank Faction receives only 80% damage from the Artillery Faction, and the Artillery Faction receives only 80% damage from the Aircraft Faction.

UR heroes are generally better than SSR heroes but only when they don’t trail too far behind in the total number of stars and levels. So, your newly acquired 0 star DVA shouldn’t be replacing any 2-5 star SSR, but if you get her to 3 stars, have her replace any 5 star SSR attacker.

Characters receive a MASSIVE buff in performance when reaching 4 stars, so prioritize getting everyone on your team to that before going too heavy into reaching 5 stars.

Team Composition cont’d

Gear allocation is something I see many many players handle ineffectively.

When equipping and leveling gear, you’ll actually want to prioritize defense gear (i.e. gold armor and gold radar) for your defenders and attack gear (gold gun and gold data chip) for your attackers. That means the very last thing you would do is equip a gold gun on Murphy and level it, but 90-95% of players do this very early not realizing how ineffective it is.

After you’ve gotten your prioritized gear sorted, you can work on putting some gold defense gear on your attackers, then gold data chips on your defenders (to level 20 for

damage resistance and extra HP), and lastly gold guns on your defenders (for a little extra defense).

Marshall is a support character rather than an explicit attacker and defender, but between those two roles, he actually does better as a defender in the front row if you don’t have two UR defenders sufficiently tiered.

Last War Survival Best Team & Line Ups

Team 1

The main Last War Survival lineup for the early game a player should have in order is:

  • Murphy
  • Violet
  • Mason
  • Monica
  • Kimberly

Murphy and Violet can be changed between each other to avoid a Murphy vs Murphy fight, which is just two walls never being useful. Mason is always behind Murphy due to Murphy being tankier than Violet, which means he will die last and Mason will not be targeted sooner in a fight.

Monica is in the middle of her team and will be prioritized last as a target, which will increase her survivability. Kimberly is behind Violet because while she deals a lot of damage and is an Ultra Rare (UR) hero, she is quite tanky and can survive for a good bit in the event Violet dies.

And that was our Last War Survival Best Team & Squad Formation Guides. Make sure to read the Last War Drone Skill Chip Guide, Last War Survival Building Guide and Last War Survival Alliance Duel Guide

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