Last War Survival Morale System Explained – Complete Guide

Welcome to Last War Survival Morale Guide. In this article, we will explain the Morale System because this is the most powerful damage Buff in the game.

Last War Survival Morale System Explained – Complete Guide

Morale is an essential part of a squad and decides who is punished and who is blessed with indescribable strength. This power ranges from a draw (same morale, no bonus) to 300% attack power! It should be noted that morale can be significantly impacted due to losses.

Last War Survival Morale System

In general, the following principle applies:

“The higher the morale difference, the higher the damage the loser receives.”

The following factors influence morale:

  • Researching morality in the “Special Forces Technology Tree”
  • Profession ability “Inspire” from the War Leader increases morale up to 10%.
  • The level of the respective troop buildings increases the command (tank center, rocket launcher center, aircraft center)
  • The level of each hero increases the command
  • The quality of the recruited soldiers who are deployed (Tier of the soldiers)
  • The number of soldiers taken into a battle (battle or follow-up battle, i.e. losses)
  • Certain decorations also increase the troop capacity attribute (soldiers carried into battle)
  • VIP Survivor: Agent Shirley increases the troop capacity attribute (soldiers carried into battle)

The “Troop Capacity” attribute is the number of soldiers in a squad led by a hero. The number of soldiers in a squad influences the morale value just as much as the quality of the soldiers.

Therefore, it is possible that battles can be won with lower-quality soldiers due to one or more of the factors listed. The moral value can be seen in every battle report under “Army”.

It should be mentioned that every subsequent battle, without reestablishment back to headquarters, has an impact on the quantity of soldiers.

It is therefore recommended not to launch any further attacks after an even battle or several battles without first re-establishing this squad back at headquarters.

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