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ONIKAMI LEGACY is a ROBLOX game based on the anime/manga series “Demon Slayer” It was made by a small team with love and care, and they working hard to make the game the best possible. In this guide, we will show you the Onikami Legacy Trello & Wiki link.

You can find the Onikami Legacy Trello Link below.

Onikami Legacy Trello


Onikami Legacy Beginner Guide

★ Humans ★

Once you’re born you’ll be at the entrance of OTAMA VILLAGE ( THE FIRST AND THE STARTER VILLAGE ). You’ll need to talk to the NPC at the entrance of the village:

Human Onikami Legacy

He will give you a Quest with the location of the Old Nichirin Katana ( Your Initial Katana ) after getting the Katana now you’ll need to get 20 Demon kills to be able to do the Final Selection.

How will I know when I have 20 kills? 

You can press “F” to breathe since it is also unlocked at 20 kills.

Where do I find Demons?

Demons spawn at night around villages and in the wilderness but you can also find them in caves.

After getting 20 kills you’ll be able to enter the Final Selection. First, you need to talk to FINAL SELECTION SUBSCRIBER  QUESTS | NPCS and head to Final Selection. Once you get there wait night and talk to Ubuyashiki Girls to get in Final Selection.

To pass the final selection you need to kill 20 demons.
( You don’t need a breathing to do Final Selection, since you’ll need more kills to get Breathings. However, it is heavily recommended ).

After final Selection you’ll be able to get your own ✦ NICHIRIN INFO ‎ IMPORTANT INFO
at Swordsmith’s and ✦ GOURDS INFO ‎ IMPORTANT INFO to improve your breathing bar. If you do not got a Breathing Style, now is a good time.

Talk to a Trainer to get them ( If you’re lost and don’t know where there’s a map ). After becoming a Slayer, you will mainly be doing Quests and killing Bosses to progress ranks till Max Rank ( Pseudo-Hashira ).


After you reach Pseudo-Hashira you get your Slayer Mark. However, if you work hard, you get both levels of STW, and at 15.000 Kills you’ll be able to do the RED NICHIRIN QUEST.

Demons: You can become a Demon at any time of the Slayer Progression or be born as a Demon. The Demon progression resumes at getting the Demon Quest at the Small Cave, where you can grind it until you can get Blood Demon Arts. After that, grind from the Kill Slayer Quest and Zenitsu Boss Quest.

Demons have different mechanics:
✧ They don’t use Breathing bar.
✧ They are able to transform other people into Demons when they reach Joi Rank.
✧ Demon Ranks are different from human ones.
✧ Have a Faster Regen. (They need to eat Humans ( NPC’s or Player’s ) to get food bar).
✧ They are normally stronger than humans.
✧ They die to the sun ( unless ur a Kamado or get the Umbrella).


As a Demon you don’t get a Slayer Mark ( Unless you’re a Hybrid ) so they get a cool own mechanic, DEMON RAGE. You can get Demon Rage by reaching 6.000 kills ( 7.000 if you’re a Hybrid ) and doing the special DEMON RAGE QUEST.

Thanks for reading Onikami Legacy Trello.

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