Project Smash Trello & Game Mechanics Tips, Tricks

Roblox: Project Smash is a fighting game developed by the Project Smash Roblox group. With its variety of features, plenty of questions about characters, memory, Gamemodes, and Ingame Purchases may arise when just starting the playthrough.

The best way to get all the answers is to read community guides and Project Smash Trello or just ask more experienced players. Today we will tell you everything about Project Smash Trello including game Mechanics Tips, and Tricks.

Project Smash Trello

Project Smash Guide

Default Controls (PC)

  • Punch = (M1 / Left Click)
  • Jump = (Spacebar) [Can be used up to 3 times]
  • Dash = (Q)
  • Block = (F)
  • Moveset:
  • First Move = (1)
  • Second Move = (2)
  • Third Move = (3)
  • Fourth Move = (4)

Default Controls (Console)

  • Punch = (X)
  • Jump = (Y)
  • Dash = (L3)
  • Block = (RB)
  • Moveset:
  • First Move = (X)
  • Second Move = (Y)
  • Third Move = (A)
  • Fourth Move = (B)

Default Keybinds/buttons Can Be Changed In-Game Settings; The 3 Dashes Icon Then Click On The Tools Icon

Game Mechanics


Recovery = Comeback after knock-off When you are doing a recovery, you are making an attempt to come back to the main map/land after being knocked off. Recoveries can be punished if your opponent hits you with a downslam or knockback move.


Blocking = Anticipating a blockable move

To block you simply press (F) and with blocking you get a set amount of health % with will determine the duration of the block towards attacks.

Block health can be instantly depleted/broken by opponents using guard-break moves or moves that bypass the block.


Aerial = Mobility | Downslam = Mobility

What is an aerial?

Ariels are facing in the direction “above” and doing a punch which will perform an “Uppercut.”

What is a downslam?

Downslams are performed by facing in the direction “below/down” and doing a punch which will send u plummeting to the ground.

Roblox Project Smash Guide


Duels: Duels are able to do done by clicking on the sword icon and joining the “queue.” 1v1 a random opponent and take 2 stocks off their lives to win the match, rematches are offered but are optional.

Ranks: Every certain amount of wins will accumulate to a rank up, everyone starts off with the “Bronze 1” rank and goes up to “CHAMPION.” To gain a new rank you must get passed level 4 of your current rank. EX: Bronze 4 -> Silver 1

Project Smash Trello LinkĀ 


You should copy and paste the above link in your browser to get to the official Project Smash Trello board. In short, it’s like a big guide from the community and developers.

That’s the end of our article, you can comment down below if you are having any trouble. You can also read our Over Lock Guide and Undertale Universal Massacre Trello

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