Undertale Universal Massacre Trello, Wiki & Tier List

Undertale Universal Massacre is a Roblox RPG-based game about fighting against Undertale AU’s that has many Weapons, Armor, Soul you can collect in the game. If you want to know more about the game in general, check out the Undertale Universal Massacre Trello link and Discord server below.

On the Undertale Universal Massacre official Trello, you can find a lot of useful information for the gameplay, including Soul Sword, Food, Materials, Bosses, World, Maps, and Special Quests. You can also keep up with the latest release updates.

Undertale Universal Massacre Guide

Soul Sword

Soul Sword

Obtainment Method: Craft at Crafting Anvil SHOPS

Damage: 30

The Offensive Counterpart Of: Final Gaster’s Hands ARMORS

Ability: Fires a projectile every 0.5 seconds that deal 5 DMG (Not affected by DMG Boost), boosts the power of the 7 souls (Press Z), and highlights itself and your character in the color of your soul.

Determination: Permanent 50% Damage Boost + Extra Revive (1000 Second CD)

Bravery: 300% Damage Boost For 5 Seconds (300 Second CD)

Justice: Judgement Hammer That Deals 30-300 Damage (30 Second CD)

Kindness: 100% HP Full Heal + Removes All Karma Currently On You (300 Second CD)

Patience: Nothing For Now

Integrity: Throw 5 Saws That Deal 3 Damage Each (15 Damage Total) And Gives Massive Speed, Jump Boost, And Faster Swinging For 10 Seconds (300 Second CD)

Perseverance: Nothing For Now

Undertale Universal Massacre Trello

Undertale Universal Massacre Trello Link


You should copy and paste the above link in your browser to get to the official Project Smash Trello board. In short, it’s like a big guide from the community and developers.

That’s the end of our article, you can comment down below if you are having any trouble. You can also read our Over Lock Guide¬†and Project Smash Trello

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