Rogue Ninja Tier List & Trello – Best Characters Guide

Hi guys, Rogue Ninja is finally available on  Roblox after so many beta tests. This is a game created by
TS Industries group created a popular Rogue Demon game.

Rogue Ninja is inspired by Naruto and Today we will show you the Rogue Ninja Tier List & Trello – Best Characters Guide and Some Combat Tips & tricks

Rogue Ninja Tier List & Trello – Best Characters Guide

Rogue Ninja Tier List

Rogue Ninja Tips

The game is available on Mobile, Console, and PC

Codes for coins will always be listed in the game description, there is no hidden code

You get coins by killing other players, doing the Spy Base quest, or staying in the game while having a premium subscription. Every earning is doubled by the Ninja Pass :NinjaPass:

To complete the Spy Base quest, you need to bring 5 different knocked players to the statue for 40 COINS

To enter the Spy Base you are required to wear the Spy Coat which is :NinjaPass: Ninja Pass exclusive

Rogue Ninja Combat Guide


Light attacks are a 5 hit combo with a knockback on the last. You can either spam the attack button or hold it.
Holding the attack button is better since it ignores ping delay.


Heavy attacks are a single, long windup attack used to instantly break an opponent’s guard. Using it in the middle of a combo is not a good idea.

Energy Dash

Rogue Ninja Combat Guide

When you press the dash button while you are not moving then it will allow you to perform an attack dash toward the closest player to your cursor at the cost of 50% of your energy bar. This is a great way to start or continue a combo. You can Energy Dash by dashing toward any direction during the travel time.

Blocking & Counter

When you are blocking in the game, you have 10 block points that recover after 2 seconds of not receiving damage.

Some attacks remove multiple block points. When you Press the attack key while blocking will perform a counter at the cost of 25% of your energy bar.

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